Publix Super Markets Charities Named WRITE A PLAY Partner of the Year

by Amanda Moths

This May, Florida Studio Theatre recognized Publix Super Markets Charities as WRITE A PLAY Partner of the Year. Publix Super Market Charities has been dedicated to serving the communities in which Publix operates since 1966, and the organization has sponsored the WRITE A PLAY (WAP) program and residencies in schools for nearly twenty years.

Since 1991, FST’s WAP Program has strengthened literacy and language skills and instilled an appreciation of the arts in children. Approximately 3,000 students each year submit plays to be read and selected for a full-scale production on the FST stage. Caroline Kaiser, Director of Children’s Theatre at FST, commented on the true magic of the WAP Program: “Young people are not afraid to write about anything; they do not edit their imaginations. These plays reaffirm our belief in what childhood is: a world of purity, beauty, heart and sometimes truths we all need to hear.”

Generous organizations such as Publix Super Markets Charities are essential to WAP’s continued success. These corporate sponsorships have allowed for the program to expand, reaching more students each year. “We are honored to be Florida Studio Theatre’s Partner of the Year,” said Brian West, Publix’s Media and Community Relations Manager, about the partnership. “Publix Charities has long supported the WRITE A PLAY Program because of its creative engagement of over 47,000 young minds around the world each year. We look forward to continuing our support of the longstanding program with such a strong impact.”

The organization was celebrated at this year’s FST Young Playwrights Festival, an event where over 20 young playwrights were also recognized for their submitted winning plays. The students not only received a certificate of merit for their work, but also had the opportunity to watch their plays being performed on stage. This celebration of children’s creativity would not be possible without sponsors such as Publix Charities that understand the true value of art, culture, and education in the community.

FST would like to thank Publix Charities again for their continuing support of the WAP Program and for inspiring so many young minds.

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