History with Heart

Certain sounds echo loudly through the halls of history. The Declaration of Independence. The Roar of the Industrial Revolution. The Boom of the Atomic Bomb. Such moments are so deafening, it can sometimes be difficult to hear the humanity that gives them such resonance. My Lord, What A Night, the latest work from award-winning playwright Deborah Brevoort, looks at one such moment with abundant humanity. … Continue reading History with Heart

Becoming “The Killer”

“I remember once being asked, ‘How does a nice Jewish boy from the Jersey suburbs end up playing a hot-headed, gospel-singing bad boy from the wetlands of Louisiana?’” shared Jason Cohen, Great Balls of Fire front man and show co-creator. “The answer is in the music—in being taken over by the physical, cathartic experience of playing Rock & Roll as loud and as fast as … Continue reading Becoming “The Killer”

Return of the Red Hot Mama with Kathy Halenda

Sophie Tucker may have been “The Last of the Red Hot Mamas,” but her legacy lives on, thanks to the incomparable Kathy Halenda. An accomplished actress and self-described “broad,” Halenda had been heating up theatres for over a decade before she found a kindred spirit in Sophie Tucker. With the support of Florida Studio Theatre and writing partner Jack Fournier, Halenda debuted a tribute to … Continue reading Return of the Red Hot Mama with Kathy Halenda

Meet the Improviser: Spotlight on Sarah D.

Sarah Durham may be relative newcomer to the Gulf Coast, but she has quickly proven herself a comedic force to be reckoned with. Since her arrival in 2018, Durham has become a featured performer with FST Improv, becoming one of the champions of the troupe’s annual Out of Bounds comedy tournament and performing every Saturday this spring in the socially-distanced improv show, Triple Play. We … Continue reading Meet the Improviser: Spotlight on Sarah D.

GOODNESS GRACIOUS! “Great Balls of Fire” Barrels Towards FST

A musical inferno is sweeping through FST’s Court Cabaret this summer. And one man stands center stage, holding the match. FST is proud to bring you Great Balls of Fire, an electrifying act honoring Rock & Roll’s first great wild man: the one-and-only Jerry Lee Lewis. “Jerry Lee saw a hole in the music industry,” said Jason Cohen, Great Balls of Fire front man and … Continue reading GOODNESS GRACIOUS! “Great Balls of Fire” Barrels Towards FST

An FST Favorite Comes “Home”

Before there was Bette Midler, Mae West, or Miss Piggy, there was Sophie Tucker. Armed with a quick wit and a powerful voice, Sophie Tucker defied all stereotypes and expectations to become one of the most popular entertainers of the first half of the 20th century. She emerged from an era flush with flappers, a large woman with even larger personality – a woman who … Continue reading An FST Favorite Comes “Home”

FST Children’s Theatre Goes “On The Road!”

Pack your bags! This summer, FST is taking the whole family on a one-of-a-kind musical road trip with On The Road Again, an all-new touring live performance. Featuring songs like “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” “Surfin’ USA,” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” we will celebrate all that makes this country special from sea to shining sea. “We modeled this show off of our … Continue reading FST Children’s Theatre Goes “On The Road!”

Celebrating 30 Years of WRITE A PLAY!

Do you remember the first award, trophy, or moment of recognition that you received as a kid? Remember how proud and excited you were? That’s how over 100 playwrights from across the country and as far as Scotland and Israel felt this year on FST’s Young Playwrights Festival Day. Over the course of 30 years, FST has reached over one million students through WRITE A … Continue reading Celebrating 30 Years of WRITE A PLAY!

A Summer of Stories and Song

Beginning this June, the stage lights will sparkle across FST’s beautiful Parisian Cabaret theatres for the first time in over a year. We are thrilled to bring you three sizzling musical revues starring some of the country’s top cabaret artists who will serenade Sarasota audiences with revolutionary Rock & Roll, crooner classics, and timeless swing standards. GOODNESS GRACIOUS! The Cabaret Series kicks off with Great … Continue reading A Summer of Stories and Song

Life’s a “Beach!”…Why Not Laugh About It?

FST Improv heads into summer with the return of its most popular show, Life’s a Beach, our go-to show for celebrating (and poking fun at) all things “Sarasota.” Drawing inspiration from audience suggestions, the cast of FST Improv weaves sketches, musical numbers, and classic improv games that pay special tribute to this beautiful spot in paradise we hold so dear. From the epic annual snowbird … Continue reading Life’s a “Beach!”…Why Not Laugh About It?