FST Mounts World Premiere of “America in One Room”

by Lydia Baxter and Jena Rashid When playwright Jason Odell Williams saw a 2019 article in the New York Times with a photo featuring hundreds of faces staring back at him, theatrical inspiration struck like lighting.“There were people of all ages, races, and genders from across the country,” said the playwright. The article was about the America in One Room convention, which took place in … Continue reading FST Mounts World Premiere of “America in One Room”

How “The Play That Goes Wrong” Went Right

In 2008, three friends and former grad school classmates—Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields—started a theatre company that took silliness very seriously. The name? Mischief Theatre. They started out performing improvised comedy shows anywhere they could, from the London Fringe Festival to Scottish prisons. At one gig, the cast outnumbered the audience. In 2012, the trio started devising their first fully-scripted play, The Murder … Continue reading How “The Play That Goes Wrong” Went Right

Olivier Award-Winning Comedy Hits FST’s Mainstage

This Season, an international phenomenon hits FST’s Mainstage: The Play That Goes Wrong. Called “The funniest play Broadway has ever seen!” by the Huffington Post and “A gut-busting hit!” by The New York Times, this contemporary comedy has all the double-takes, physical stunts, and zany antics you could ever wish for. “I hadn’t seen anything like this in decades, so we were delighted to get … Continue reading Olivier Award-Winning Comedy Hits FST’s Mainstage

Broadway’s Smash Hit Comedy Comes to FST’s Mainstage

Called “The funniest play Broadway has ever seen” by The Huffington Post, The Play That Goes Wrong has been performed for over two million people in more than 30 countries. Now, FST is proud to present this international comedy sensation on its Mainstage this season. “In this day and age, great new comedies rarely come along,” said Bruce Jordan, the show’s director who was also … Continue reading Broadway’s Smash Hit Comedy Comes to FST’s Mainstage

Meeting: America

Nine strangers are stuck in a room together for three days. There, they’re expected to open up about some of their most personal and strongly held beliefs over granola bars and mediocre coffee. What could possibly go wrong? And will they all make it out alive? Mike’s a middle-aged man from Michigan working through some anger issues. Faith is a Black woman in her late … Continue reading Meeting: America

The Resilience of the People’s Music

Pickup trucks. Dirt roads. Cowboy hats…Electric guitar solos? Since its inception, the definition of what constitutes “country music” has been ever-evolving. In its early days, country was called “hillbilly music,” created by European immigrants who settled in the foothills of Appalachia with their folksy ballads and fiddles in tow. In the ‘30s and ‘40s, the heart of country was cowboy songs and bluegrass. Then, the … Continue reading The Resilience of the People’s Music

Artist Spotlight: Meet The Wanderers’ Travis Keith Battle

Travis Keith Battle is making his FST debut he is certainly no stranger to doo-wop. He has also performed in shows like Dreamgirls and Memphis, which both feature influences of the genre. We sat down with Travis to learn more about his experiences working on The Wanderers, from what he enjoys most about Sarasota audiences, to why doo-wop is such a challenging art form and … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Meet The Wanderers’ Travis Keith Battle

Melting Pot Music…Electrified

When most people think “Country Music,” geographically, they often think about the Southern or Midwestern United States. But country is true “melting pot music,” with roots from literally all around the world. The fiddle, from Europe. The banjo, from Africa. The mandolin, from Italy. And with each addition, the genre evolved, splitting off like tree branches, and giving birth to more and more nuanced subgenres … Continue reading Melting Pot Music…Electrified

The Magic is Back Again

Grab your magic wands, your imagination, and the edge of your seats, because FST’s Weekend Children’s Theatre Series is back! “This year, families can expect shows that are enjoyable for both children and adults. Whether it’s getting the audience to help encourage Cinderella to go to the ball or reminding adults of their favorite Aesop’s fable, this year’s lineup is sure to create memorable experiences … Continue reading The Magic is Back Again

“Feel-Good Music” is In Order!

“Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” – Plato FST is thrilled to kick off its Winter Cabaret Season with The Wanderers, a musical celebration of the great male harmony groups of the 1950s along with the artists they helped inspire in the 1960s. Featuring such timeless hits as “At the Hop,” “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” … Continue reading “Feel-Good Music” is In Order!