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At Long Last with Max Meyers

In Edie Brickell and Steve Martin’s Broadway musical Bright Star, actor Max Meyers plays Billy Cane, a fresh-faced, hopeful soldier who has just returned home from World War II. While many soldiers came back to America clouded in darkness, Billy comes back to North Carolina with his optimism intact and a determination to achieve his dream of becoming a writer. We sat down with Max … Continue reading At Long Last with Max Meyers

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The Sun is Gonna Shine On Alice

Meredith Jones is no stranger to FST – she charmed audiences as Patsy Cline in last summer’s production of Always…Patsy Cline and brought down the house in Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves. Jones returns to FST to play Alice Murphy, a steely copy editor, in Edie Brickell and Steve Martin’s Broadway musical  Bright Star.  We sat down with Meredith to talk about the dramatic range of … Continue reading The Sun is Gonna Shine On Alice

The Goofball

In FST’s production of Handle With Care, Terrence – a well-meaning, but somewhat unskilled delivery man – calls his childhood best friend, Josh, to get him out of a pinch (again). It turns out that Terrence has lost a crucial package belonging to Ayelet, an Israeli woman with limited knowledge of English. Terrence works to track the package down, while Josh figures out how to communicate with … Continue reading The Goofball

But I Swear They Were There!

By Madison McAllister In August of 1969, half a million people gathered in Bethel, New York for a music festival that would go down in history – Woodstock. On a 600-acre dairy farm, legendary artists flocked to make an appearance…but not these legendary artists: BOB DYLAN – Why did Bob Dylan turn down performing at one of the most iconic music festivals in history? One popular … Continue reading But I Swear They Were There!

Stop – What’s That Sound?

By Alex Drinnen and Becca Jennings It was the sweet harmonies of boy bands with matching suits, matching haircuts, and animal-inspired names. It was Joplin’s vocals, which sounded like someone flooring the accelerator and never looking back. It was Hendrix’s hypnotizing no-one’s-ever-made-a-sound-come-out-of-a-guitar-like-that-before solos. It was the kind of sound that could have only been born from one of America’s most turbulent, electrifying, and revolutionary decades. … Continue reading Stop – What’s That Sound?

Breaking into Improv

FST Improv is now in its 19th year and has more than 20 members! To help you get to know the improvisers better, we’re going to be sitting down with cast members and picking their brains about improv, taking risks, and their lives offstage. Next up on the chopping block is former FST Acting Apprentice Patrick Jackson. FST Improv performs every Saturday and select Fridays in … Continue reading Breaking into Improv

The Southern Belle

A self-proclaimed “Southern Belle,” Alabama native Rosie Webber makes her FST Debut in the hit Cabaret, Outlaws and Angels. Rosie has been to Sarasota before though – she spent a few nights here when she performed at the Van Wezel with the national tour of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. We sat down with Rosie to discuss how she taught herself piano, the raw … Continue reading The Southern Belle

Grit and Grace

Madalyn McHugh doesn’t just sing country music – she has lent her powerful voice to opera, pop, contemporary Christian, and musical theatre classics. She’s even opened for The Bacon Brothers (Kevin and Michael Bacon) and jazz guitarist Frank Vignola. In FST’s popular Cabaret, Outlaws and Angels, Madalyn has the chance to be front and center, delighting audiences with her performances of “Travelin’ Thru,” and “I Want … Continue reading Grit and Grace

Raising the Bar

by Benedict Burgess Christopher Demos-Brown is no ordinary playwright. Sure, he’s a co-founder and literary manager of a successful Miami theatre company, and author of various award-winning plays, including the Broadway hit American Son. But what really sets him apart are not his theatrical accolades, but his law career. After spending two years as a Los Angeles actor, Demos-Brown transitioned into law, enrolling at Tufts … Continue reading Raising the Bar

The Heart in the Headlines

by Benedict Burgess Recently divorced mother Kendra Ellis-Connor is counting minutes all alone in a police station waiting room. She is clearly nervous – unable to sit still for long. She paces back and forth, leaving multiple panicked voicemails on her son’s cellphone. He is missing. She has gone to the police for answers. But there are none. At least, none…yet. Before long, more souls … Continue reading The Heart in the Headlines

Five Theatres: A Case for Diversity

I am often asked, “What in the world prompted you to build five theatres!?!” My answer is simple: I did not set out to build five theatres. It just happened. Here is how it happened and why… We started the “resident operation” of FST in 1980. Before that, FST was an alternative touring theatre. The first five years we focused on producing challenging contemporary theatre. … Continue reading Five Theatres: A Case for Diversity

Finding Meaning in Chaos

In FST’s production of Handle With Care, Terrence – a well-meaning, but somewhat unskilled delivery man – calls his childhood best friend, Josh, when he finds himself in trouble (again). When Josh comes to Terrence’s rescue, he meets Ayelet, an Israeli woman with limited knowledge of English. She is screaming at Terrence because he lost her very important package. Josh must figure out how to … Continue reading Finding Meaning in Chaos