Buddy Holly Lives

By Jack Getz Buddy Holly played from his heart. And FST’s Winter Mainstage opener, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, goes straight to the heart of who he was. Playwright Alan Janes’ Buddy is a different animal. The mind behind this musical doesn’t love Holly’s music because it’s old. Janes loves it because it’s good. After seeing FST’s take on Alan Janes’ musical, we believe you’ll … Continue reading Buddy Holly Lives

The Genesis of Rock & Roll

Before The Beatles or The Stones ever played a note, popular music was forever changed by the bespectacled kid from Lubbock, Texas: Buddy Holly. Now, FST is thrilled to kick off our Winter Mainstage Series with the story of his rise from a small town Country music performer to Rock & Roll stardom. Featuring over a dozen of Buddy’s hits, including “That Will Be the … Continue reading The Genesis of Rock & Roll

Running For Home

Don and Michael are two polar opposites whose lives are in no way going according to plan. But when destiny lands their sons on the same Little League team, the men are forced to coach the swarm of a dozen or so youngsters with bats…together. Don is a win-at-all-costs baseball coaching veteran with zero patience for lateness, losing, or untied shoelaces. Michael is a newcomer … Continue reading Running For Home

The Big Swing with Timothy C. Goodwin

When we first meet Michael in Richard Dresser’s heartwarming comedy Rounding Third, he doesn’t seem to be the kind of coach to lead a team to victory. He’s constantly late, tripping over equipment, and insisting that fun is more important than winning. He’s very clearly a novice at this whole Little League thing. Timothy C. Goodwin, on the other hand, is no novice. Not only … Continue reading The Big Swing with Timothy C. Goodwin

The Drive to Win with Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper

We’ve often heard that winning isn’t everything, right? It’s a question that FST’s heartwarming comedy Rounding Third poses via Don, a veteran Little League coach with a heart full of determination…and little sympathy for losers. Stepping up to the plate to take on Don is actor Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper. An accomplished actor on the stage and the screen, he has already received rave reviews for his … Continue reading The Drive to Win with Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper

A Voice For Change with Thursday Farrar

In 1939, Marian Anderson stood at the Lincoln Memorial and lifted up her voice to perform a powerful rendition of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” (also known as “America”) on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Now, actress Thursday Farrar is stepping onstage to help tell the hidden story behind that iconic concert in My Lord, What A Night by Deborah Brevoort. An accomplished actress, … Continue reading A Voice For Change with Thursday Farrar

Cracking the Code with David Edwards

To call Albert Einstein “one-of-kind” would be an understatement. His scientific discoveries revolutionized theoretical physics and led Time Magazine to dub him “Person of the Century” for the 1900s. Tackling such an icon could be a rather daunting task for an actor. Thankfully, David Edwards, who stars in FST’s Rolling World Premiere of Deborah Brevoort’s My Lord, What A Night, is more than capable of … Continue reading Cracking the Code with David Edwards

History with Heart

Certain sounds echo loudly through the halls of history. The Declaration of Independence. The Roar of the Industrial Revolution. The Boom of the Atomic Bomb. Such moments are so deafening, it can sometimes be difficult to hear the humanity that gives them such resonance. My Lord, What A Night, the latest work from award-winning playwright Deborah Brevoort, looks at one such moment with abundant humanity. … Continue reading History with Heart

Return of the Red Hot Mama with Kathy Halenda

Sophie Tucker may have been “The Last of the Red Hot Mamas,” but her legacy lives on, thanks to the incomparable Kathy Halenda. An accomplished actress and self-described “broad,” Halenda had been heating up theatres for over a decade before she found a kindred spirit in Sophie Tucker. With the support of Florida Studio Theatre and writing partner Jack Fournier, Halenda debuted a tribute to … Continue reading Return of the Red Hot Mama with Kathy Halenda

An FST Favorite Comes “Home”

Before there was Bette Midler, Mae West, or Miss Piggy, there was Sophie Tucker. Armed with a quick wit and a powerful voice, Sophie Tucker defied all stereotypes and expectations to become one of the most popular entertainers of the first half of the 20th century. She emerged from an era flush with flappers, a large woman with even larger personality – a woman who … Continue reading An FST Favorite Comes “Home”