Buddy Holly Lives

By Jack Getz Buddy Holly played from his heart. And FST’s Winter Mainstage opener, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, goes straight to the heart of who he was. Playwright Alan Janes’ Buddy is a different animal. The mind behind this musical doesn’t love Holly’s music because it’s old. Janes loves it because it’s good. After seeing FST’s take on Alan Janes’ musical, we believe you’ll … Continue reading Buddy Holly Lives

The Genesis of Rock & Roll

Before The Beatles or The Stones ever played a note, popular music was forever changed by the bespectacled kid from Lubbock, Texas: Buddy Holly. Now, FST is thrilled to kick off our Winter Mainstage Series with the story of his rise from a small town Country music performer to Rock & Roll stardom. Featuring over a dozen of Buddy’s hits, including “That Will Be the … Continue reading The Genesis of Rock & Roll

Artist Spotlight: Meet The Swingaroos’ Assaf Gleizner

Assaf Gleizner has co-created several shows that have premiered at FST with The Swingaroos, the Swing-era territory band that he started with vocalist Kimberly Hawkey. Now, he is back to highlight the greatest hits of the 1920s-1960s with an all-new show, Jukebox Saturday Night. We sat down with Assaf to learn more about personal connection to music, how he decided to become a musician, and about music’s … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Meet The Swingaroos’ Assaf Gleizner

Harmony Heads Up The Season

Fall in love with the music of the ‘50s and the ‘60s all over again with this season’s Winter Cabaret opener, The Wanderers! In this charming new music revue, our cast of four accomplished performers will transport you back to simpler times with their tight harmonies, slick choreography, and, of course, matching jackets. Honoring the dynamic harmony groups of the mid-20th century—from The Four Seasons … Continue reading Harmony Heads Up The Season

Artist Spotlight: Meet The Swingaroos’ Kimberly Hawkey

Since 2015, Kimberly Hawkey has created and performed in all-new shows at FST in different Cabarets that highlight the evolution of music with her swing-era territory band, The Swingaroos. This summer, she returns to entertain FST audiences with some jukebox flair while celebrating the sounds of the turn of the century. We sat down with Kimberly to learn more about Jukebox Saturday Night, her favorite songs to … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Meet The Swingaroos’ Kimberly Hawkey

Artist Spotlight: Meet Shades of Bublé’s Adam Rennie

Over the past six years, Adam Rennie has traveled around the world, sharing and celebrating the music of Canadian crooner, Michael Bublé. This summer, he has been charming FST audiences with hits like “Feeling Good,” “Moondance,” and “Just Haven’t Met You Yet.” We sat down with Adam to learn more about his experiences on the road with Shades of Bublé, his favorite songs to perform, … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Meet Shades of Bublé’s Adam Rennie

Swingin’ Through the Century

Where could you find Bob Dylan, Motown hits, patriotic anthems, and musical comedians like Spike Jones all in one place? We’ll give you a hint… What machine sat in the corner of almost every diner and soda shop in America for most of the 20th century? You guessed it! The jukebox. Now Sarasota’s favorite swing-era territory band, The Swingaroos, are back at FST to explore … Continue reading Swingin’ Through the Century

Get To Know The Producer: Drew Pournelle

When Drew Pournelle appeared in the first performance of Shades of Bublé: A Three-Man Tribute to Michael Bublé in 2015, little did he know that, one day, he would be producing the show and bringing it to venues around the world. This summer, the popular musical tribute to the Canadian crooner, Michael Bublé, has been charming audiences at FST with its tight harmonies and upbeat … Continue reading Get To Know The Producer: Drew Pournelle

Running For Home

Don and Michael are two polar opposites whose lives are in no way going according to plan. But when destiny lands their sons on the same Little League team, the men are forced to coach the swarm of a dozen or so youngsters with bats…together. Don is a win-at-all-costs baseball coaching veteran with zero patience for lateness, losing, or untied shoelaces. Michael is a newcomer … Continue reading Running For Home

The Big Swing with Timothy C. Goodwin

When we first meet Michael in Richard Dresser’s heartwarming comedy Rounding Third, he doesn’t seem to be the kind of coach to lead a team to victory. He’s constantly late, tripping over equipment, and insisting that fun is more important than winning. He’s very clearly a novice at this whole Little League thing. Timothy C. Goodwin, on the other hand, is no novice. Not only … Continue reading The Big Swing with Timothy C. Goodwin