Women’s Rights Timeline

By: Sarah Kroth | 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, the “Declaration of Sentiments” is written 1890 NAWSA is formed 1916 Margret Sanger opens first birth control clinic in New York 1919 Federal woman suffrage amendment is passed, giving the women the right to vote 1960 FDA approves birth control 1963 Betty Friedan publishesThe Feminine Mystique 1963 The “Equal Pay Act” is passed 1964 Civil Rights Act … Continue reading Women’s Rights Timeline

Thurgood Marshall Personal Timeline

By: Sarah Kroth | 1908- Born July 2nd in Baltimore, MD 1926- Enters Lincoln University 1929- Marries Vivian “Buster” Burrey 1930- Graduates from Lincoln, enters Howard University 1933- Graduates from Howard 1935- Wins Murray v. Pearson, against University of Maryland 1936- Joins NAACP 1938- Becomes NAACP chief legal officer 1940- Wins first Supreme Court Case, Chambers v. Florida 1944- Wins Smith v Allwright; a major win for black voters … Continue reading Thurgood Marshall Personal Timeline

Civil Rights Timeline

By: Sarah Kroth | 1909  NAACP is founded 1925 Ku Klux Klan’s first national demonstration in Washington, D.C. 1948 Truman desegregates the military 1954 Brown v. Board desegregates public schools 1955 Rosa Parks begins the Montgomery Bus Boycott 1957 JFK sends federal troops to integrate University of Mississippi, segregation ruled unconstitutional in all transport facility, military fully integrated 1960 The first lunch counter sit-in begins in Greensboro, North Carolina 1961 Freedom Rides begin 1962 JFK sends federal … Continue reading Civil Rights Timeline