Brown vs. The Board of Education

By: Sarah Kroth | Thurgood Marshall is most well-known as the defense lawyer for the historic Brown vs. Board case. Brown vs. Board of Education was the landmark Supreme Court case decreeing segregation in schools unconstitutional. In 1951 a group of parents, including  Oliver and Linda Brown whom the case is named for, in Topeka, Kansas, at the urging of the NAACP, enrolled their children in the … Continue reading Brown vs. The Board of Education

Thurgood Marshall Personal Timeline

By: Sarah Kroth | 1908- Born July 2nd in Baltimore, MD 1926- Enters Lincoln University 1929- Marries Vivian “Buster” Burrey 1930- Graduates from Lincoln, enters Howard University 1933- Graduates from Howard 1935- Wins Murray v. Pearson, against University of Maryland 1936- Joins NAACP 1938- Becomes NAACP chief legal officer 1940- Wins first Supreme Court Case, Chambers v. Florida 1944- Wins Smith v Allwright; a major win for black voters … Continue reading Thurgood Marshall Personal Timeline