Stalking the Bogeyman


Production Dates: January 4, 2017 – January 15, 2017 in Bowne’s Lab Theatre

The Story:

David Holthouse is a renowned gonzo journalist. He has lived with gangs, drug lords, bikers, and people who have taken themselves off of the grid. He told some of the darkest stories from some of the darkest places to the world through his writing. But until 2004, he had never told his own. Stalking the Bogeyman is David Holthouse’s story of his childhood rape, his work towards healing, and the plan he made to kill his rapist. David never went through with that plan, but the choice he made to tell the story and come out of the shadows became its own form of absolution. The story was first published in the alternative newspaper Westword. In 2010, he read his article on NPR’s This American Life and that telling of the story was subsequently turned into a play with NewYorkRep. FST has taken the opportunity to present this play first in our Stage III series this season. David Holthouse has taken control of the monster that haunted his childhood to create awareness, and present both the narrative and himself, as a means to tell a now-grown survivor’s side of the story

Blog Posts from Stalking the Bogeyman

Outing the Bogeyman – 11 Years Later

By Jordan Nickels | “He blended into the crowd.” David Holthouse never fully discussed what happened after the events of Stalking the Bogeyman, until 2015, when he released another article entitled Outing the Bogeyman to the Anchorage Press in Alaska. This article divulges details about his interaction with his rapist when they were adults, including the…

The David Holthouse Story

By Jordan Nickels | In 2004, David Holthouse went public with his story in an article he wrote for the Denver Westword. This was the opening line: “This time last year I was plotting to kill a man.” He told the story of “the bogeyman,” the son of his parent’s friends.

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