Pay What You Can Night: brownsville song (b side for tray)

Pay What You Can Night

Florida Studio Theatre has always made it a primary goal to “creating the best in contemporary theatre at an affordable price.” However, FST continues to find ways to make the arts more accessible to an even broader audience. Pay What You Can Night are special performances when audience members can pay whatever they see fit for their ticket and enjoy a night at the theater. There is no minimum payment or
any set prices for how much a person has to pay, only what they feel comfortable giving that night. This gives some members of our community a chance to see a show they may not have been able to attend otherwise.

We continue the tradition this year with  our third show in our main stage season, brownsville song (b side for tray). In a season with so many different stories, it’s important to include our audience members from all walks of life in order to continue
the conversation and better our communities in the process.

Here are photos from Pay What You Can Night for brownsville song (b side for tray):


“I was at the MLK event and I was given this flyer about ‘Pay What You Can Night’ for Butler. I have to say, that is such a wonderful thing that you do for the community. I can’t thank you enough for offering this. I would like to order tickets for that night, but I’d like to pay full price as a thank you for making this available to everyone.” – FST Patron