Kenneth M. Pierce

Kenneth M. Pierce, now retired in Sarasota, FL, began his career in publishing as a journalist. He won two national magazine awards at Time Magazine, served as editor in chief of the Columbia Journalism Review, and was a consulting editor for National and International Wildlife magazines.

As a consultant and as a publisher, Pierce helped to launch new magazines, including Currents, for passengers of Carnival Cruise Lines, Bloomberg Personal for Bloomberg L.P., and Mutual Funds Magazine, eventually sold to Time, Inc. His acquisition and merger clients included Times-Mirror Magazines and Cigna Private Securities based in Hartford, Ct.

Pierce has been a judge for the National Magazine Awards, a delegate to the U.S. Commission on UNESCO, and a media critic for the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. Born in Chicago, he is a former Lecturer in the Humanities College of the University of Chicago, where he also directed, and was the musical director for undergraduate productions that developed into commercial cabaret theatre at the Allerton Hotel. For two years he served as moderator of the University of Chicago’s syndicated weekly radio program, “Conversations at Chicago.” He received his BA in Tutorial Studies from the University of Chicago in 1962, followed by an MA in General Studies in the Humanities in 1965.