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The Story:

Butler is a comedy set during the Civil War, 1861.  Based on a real-life incident of the Major General of the Union Army Benjamin Butler, an escaped slave seeks sanctuary, but the laws of the land are unrelenting.  With sharp wit and tongue-in-cheek humor, Butler takes us on a journey through legal loopholes to find the true meaning of freedom.  REGIONAL PREMIERE!  

What the Press is saying about Butler :

“Splendid” – The New York Times

“Vigor, humor and quality” – The New York Times

“Uproarious… thoughtful and rollicking” – The New York Times

“Captivating” – Broadway World

“Provocative” – Broadway World

“Humor, warmth and wit” – Broadway World



The Story:

Alabama Story tells of a children’s storybook which unintentionally creates political and racial tensions within the community of Montgomery, Alabama.  Inspired by true events, Alabama Story puts political foes, childhood friends, and one feisty author at opposite ends of clashing perceptions.  REGIONAL PREMIERE!  

What the Press is saying about Alabama Story:

“Dynamic” – Salt Lake Tribune

“Cleverly crafted” – Salt Lake Tribune

“Razor sharp” – Salt Lake Tribune

“Depicts divisive, unifying impact of storytelling” – Salt Lake Tribune

Visit the playwright’s website at: www.bykennethjones.com



By Aaron Posner, adapted from the novel by Chaim Potok. Based on a best-selling novel, this new American play tells the powerful story of a boy prodigy. Set in post-war Brooklyn, Asher Lev must be a painter at all costs even though it is against the will of his family, community, and tradition.

What the Press is saying about My Name is Asher Lev:

“Compellingly personal, yet universal” – Associated Press

“Beautiful production” – New York Daily news

“Everyone should see it” – New York Magazine

“Soulful and touching” – New York One

“Marvelous” – Entertainment Weekly

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