Peek Behind the Curtain with Carole J. Bufford

Nothing keeps Carole J. Bufford down. Less than two years after her last appearance at FST, this critically acclaimed Cabaret star returns to the stage with Vintage POP!, an all-new musical revue following the transformation of popular music over the past century. With audiences and critics heralding Bufford as “exceptional,” “outstanding,” and “a boat-load of pizzazz and charm,” is it any surprise that the show … Continue reading Peek Behind the Curtain with Carole J. Bufford

A Classic Career

From swing standards to rock classics, Carole J. Bufford has a knack for giving vintage records a shiny new spin. But how did she become, as The New York Times puts it, “a 21st century Barbra Streisand?” Bufford says her earliest musical memory is her at three-years-oldserenading her childhood church in Lincolnton, Georgia, with “Jesus Loves Me.” Later, Bufford performed in pageants and studied the … Continue reading A Classic Career

The Advantages of Vintage

By Benedict Burgess We’ve all had those moments. You turn on the radio. You put on a record. The harmonies and melodies swirl until suddenly you’re somewhere else entirely – a dream, a memory, now unlocked with just the right key. Carole J. Bufford is a master of such moments. Called a “21st century Barbra Streisand” by The New York Times and heralded as “One … Continue reading The Advantages of Vintage