Raising the Bar

by Benedict Burgess Christopher Demos-Brown is no ordinary playwright. Sure, he’s a co-founder and literary manager of a successful Miami theatre company, and author of various award-winning plays, including the Broadway hit American Son. But what really sets him apart are not his theatrical accolades, but his law career. After spending two years as a Los Angeles actor, Demos-Brown transitioned into law, enrolling at Tufts … Continue reading Raising the Bar

Secrets Stored: Unveiling Celebrity at all Costs

By Meg Gilbert and Irene Martinko While the Guitar Girls are “Workin’ 9-5” in FST’s Goldstein Cabaret, struggling LA actor Alex More is working the oddest of odd jobs in FST’s Bowne Lab Theatre. “The gates opened, and suddenly I was in another world. Like when Dorothy steps from sepia into technicolor,” muses character Alex More in the opening of Buyer & Cellar by Jonathan … Continue reading Secrets Stored: Unveiling Celebrity at all Costs

Facing Your Demons

In David Gow’s Cherry Docs,  Mike, a neo-Nazi skinhead, is charged with a racially motivated murder and Legal Aid assigns him a Jewish lawyer, Danny. Over the course of developing a defense for Mike, Danny is forced to examine the limits of his own liberalism and its underlying demons. This drama is an unblinking exploration of the roots of hatred, and examines how its growth can be … Continue reading Facing Your Demons

FST Presents the Annual Daniel R. Mandelker and Marlene N. Harris Scholarship Award

By Melanie Slusar Every year, FST presents one outstanding intern with the annual Daniel R. Mandelker and Marlene N. Harris Scholarship Award. The scholarship honor is given in recognition of the intern’s talent, drive, and achievement. The person is chosen because they embody the core values and mission of FST, and act as a model for others through their natural leadership. This year, the award … Continue reading FST Presents the Annual Daniel R. Mandelker and Marlene N. Harris Scholarship Award

Art Isn’t Easy

by Mary Donofrio Despite their fruitful collaboration, Gilbert and Sullivan often quarreled when developing a new piece. Sullivan often found Gilbert’s plots to be repetitive and unrealistic, and felt his artistic growth as a composer was being stifled. Sullivan requested to leave their partnership several times, and produced extensive solo work. During their feuds, their producer, Richard D’Oyly Carte, was able to keep the public … Continue reading Art Isn’t Easy

New Wrinkles: Panel Reflection

Barbara Smith, aging reporter for the Herald-Tribune and one of our panelists from the April 10th panel on Older Than Dirt, wrote a column response to topics discussed in our latest panel at FST discussing the dying process. http://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20170418/new-wrinkles-in-end-need-for-plain-words-and-straight-talk Continue reading New Wrinkles: Panel Reflection

In Arkansas, the Exonerated Speak Up

The Exonerated is such a power story because wrongful imprisonment and the death penalty are topics we are still fighting against in our government today. The video below from The New York Times shows an anti-death penalty rally in Little Rock, Arkansas. This fully immersive video from The Daily 360  takes you into the demonstration to hear speech from exonerees Damien Echols and Paris L. Powell. Continue reading In Arkansas, the Exonerated Speak Up

Are We Raising Racists?

By Jordan Nickels | Are we raising racists? This is the question proposed in the New York Times article posted by Jennifer Harvey that has received a lot of attention lately. She discusses explaining historical figures to her child, like George Washington, who was a respected president, but also owned slaves. Jennifer gets to the point that parents need to start having more specific conversations … Continue reading Are We Raising Racists?

American Dreams…Stories of Immigration

Our Forum Partners METV have entered a new documentary into the 2017 Sarasota Film Festival about the history of immigration in the United States: ————————————————————————– Manatee Educational Television (METV) and BTN Films are proud to announce that their new documentary, American Dreams…Stories of Immigration, has been selected as an Official Entry of the 2017 Sarasota Film Festival. American Dreams will premier as part of the Sarasota Film … Continue reading American Dreams…Stories of Immigration