Who Could Have Possibly Dreamed This Twisted Stuff Up?

Think the concept of “The Nether” sounds creepy? Well, it’s not all science fiction. In fact, The Nether was written by someone who knows first-hand how all-too-real the concepts and technology presented in this play can be. Before writing The Nether, playwright Jennifer Haley spent over a decade working as a web designer. An avid gamer herself, Haley describes her ideal vacation as one involving … Continue reading Who Could Have Possibly Dreamed This Twisted Stuff Up?

The Nether

The Nether is a virtual wonderland providing total sensory immersion. Just log in, choose an identity, and indulge your every desire. When a young detective uncovers a disturbing brand of entertainment in The Nether, she launches an investigation into the darkest corners of the imagination. Winner of the 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, The Nether is both a serpentine crime drama and haunting sci-fi thriller that explores the … Continue reading The Nether