Behind the Curtain Trivia

by Thomas Gallogly and Sarah Haley The Music of The Night contains many popular Broadway musical selections. Test your musical theatre history knowledge with this fun quiz below featuring some of Broadway’s most cherished classics. A. This 1921 Broadway musical was one of the first shows in Broadway history to feature an entirely black cast and crew. B.This Andrew Lloyd Webber musical opened in 1986 … Continue reading Behind the Curtain Trivia

11 O’Clock: The Best Time on Broadway

Al Jolson first proclaimed in 1935, “…the world is going to be mine! Mine all mine! This evening about a quarter till nine.” In the early years of American musical theatre, Broadway shows would dim their lights and evening performances would start at 8:45 PM. Although uncommon today, many two-act musicals in the early 20th century would not have their final curtain call until 11:15 … Continue reading 11 O’Clock: The Best Time on Broadway

Famous Ziegfeld Follies Performers & Stars

During the years of 1907-1936, The Ziegfeld Follies was a series of variety shows on Broadway that represented everything that was happening in New York City and America. From slapstick comedy routines to the ever-popular showgirls and unforgettable solo performances, the Follies was a presentation of glitz and glamor that mimicked the heartbeat of the syncopated city. Many famous artists made their debut performances in … Continue reading Famous Ziegfeld Follies Performers & Stars

Broadway with a Familiar Twist

by Thomas Gallogly Broadway hits bring joy, nostalgia, and excitement to their listeners. But what happens when you take the classic sound of Broadway and turn it upside down? This summer, Florida Studio Theatre welcomes back The Swingaroos, a ‘30s and ‘40s territory swing band known for their one-of-a-kind style and sound, as a part of our 2018 Summer Cabaret Season. Returning with a brand … Continue reading Broadway with a Familiar Twist