Conflicted in Comedy

Sandy Rustin’s sexy comedy The Cottage opens on Sylvia Van Kipness (played by Hanley Smith) basking in the glow of her annual rendezvous with her lover, Beau (played by Greg Balla). Described as “perhaps the best looking man in Britain,” Beau is a dashing, debonair lawyer who has his fair share of secrets – until they all unravel in front of him and everyone close to him. Greg Balla … Continue reading Conflicted in Comedy

There’s Something About Sylvia

Hanley Smith is no stranger to comedy – she is on the board of a New York City comedy troupe, played Cecily in Gulfshore Playhouse’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest, and switched effortlessly between three leading ladies in The 39 Steps at Gretna Theatre. Making her FST debut in the Regional Premiere of Sandy Rustin’s The Cottage, Hanley is thrilled to play Sylvia Van Kipness, the … Continue reading There’s Something About Sylvia

Playwright Spotlight – Sandy Rustin

When Sandy Rustin was a sophomore in college, she starred in a production of Hay Fever by Noël Coward, and immediately fell in love with period pieces. When she couldn’t find any new plays that reflected Coward’s writing style, she decided to write one herself: The Cottage. In The Cottage, hopeless romantic Sylvia Van Kipness chooses to expose her secret love affair to her husband, Clarke. What ensues is a … Continue reading Playwright Spotlight – Sandy Rustin

Sandy Rustin: She Wrote Her Biography, Then Lived It

By Jenna Tonsor and Becca Jennings Sandy Rustin jokes that her career path as a playwright and actress has been percolating since the sixth grade, when she was assigned to write her autobiography. “Sandy hopes to grow up to be an actress and playwright,” wrote 11-year-old Sandy. As it turned out, that single homework assignment would be more prophetic than little Sandy could have ever … Continue reading Sandy Rustin: She Wrote Her Biography, Then Lived It

“The Cottage” – A Comedic Rendezvous

By Michael Nichols and Becca Jennings A well-kept garden, scenic views, and a beautiful patch of countryside – an English cottage provides the perfect setting for family vacations, reunions, and, of course, the occasional smoldering affair. Sandy Rustin’s comedy of manners, The Cottage, sets the stage for a whimsical tale of romance that quickly unravels into one of revenge. Set in 1923 in the English … Continue reading “The Cottage” – A Comedic Rendezvous