Running For Home

Don and Michael are two polar opposites whose lives are in no way going according to plan. But when destiny lands their sons on the same Little League team, the men are forced to coach the swarm of a dozen or so youngsters with bats…together. Don is a win-at-all-costs baseball coaching veteran with zero patience for lateness, losing, or untied shoelaces. Michael is a newcomer … Continue reading Running For Home

The Big Swing with Timothy C. Goodwin

When we first meet Michael in Richard Dresser’s heartwarming comedy Rounding Third, he doesn’t seem to be the kind of coach to lead a team to victory. He’s constantly late, tripping over equipment, and insisting that fun is more important than winning. He’s very clearly a novice at this whole Little League thing. Timothy C. Goodwin, on the other hand, is no novice. Not only … Continue reading The Big Swing with Timothy C. Goodwin

The Drive to Win with Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper

We’ve often heard that winning isn’t everything, right? It’s a question that FST’s heartwarming comedy Rounding Third poses via Don, a veteran Little League coach with a heart full of determination…and little sympathy for losers. Stepping up to the plate to take on Don is actor Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper. An accomplished actor on the stage and the screen, he has already received rave reviews for his … Continue reading The Drive to Win with Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper