The Southern Belle

A self-proclaimed “Southern Belle,” Alabama native Rosie Webber makes her FST Debut in the hit Cabaret, Outlaws and Angels. Rosie has been to Sarasota before though – she spent a few nights here when she performed at the Van Wezel with the national tour of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. We sat down with Rosie to discuss how she taught herself piano, the raw … Continue reading The Southern Belle

Grit and Grace

Madalyn McHugh doesn’t just sing country music – she has lent her powerful voice to opera, pop, contemporary Christian, and musical theatre classics. She’s even opened for The Bacon Brothers (Kevin and Michael Bacon) and jazz guitarist Frank Vignola. In FST’s popular Cabaret, Outlaws and Angels, Madalyn has the chance to be front and center, delighting audiences with her performances of “Travelin’ Thru,” and “I Want … Continue reading Grit and Grace

Icons in the Cabaret

By Becca Jennings He was suave and swoon-worthy. They were unleashed and gritty. He was a seductive showman. They were authentic and made music from the heart. FST’s Winter Cabaret boasts two hit shows this season – albeit with very different stylings. That’s Amoré!, FST’s tribute to the songbook of the legendary Dean Martin, has brought smooth harmony to the Court Cabaret. Across the street … Continue reading Icons in the Cabaret

Where It All Began

By Sarah Haley Country music is an amalgam of different musical styles from all around the world. Stringed instruments have been an important part of country music from the very beginning. After all, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”  wouldn’t be the same without its iconic fiddle solo. Johnny Cash’s music would have a completely different sound without his rhythmic guitar strumming. Did you know … Continue reading Where It All Began

Purely American

By Lydia Baxter What’s more American than baseball and apple pie? Country music. One of the few wholly American genres of music, country is a fusion of musical styles. But this sound that is so iconically American to us today is actually a melting pot of techniques and instruments, born from a diverse range of musical traditions from around the world. As more people arrived … Continue reading Purely American

Melting Pot Music

By Lydia Baxter It sounded like heartbreak, but with a rock & roll twist and a flair for the soulful. Featuring the sounds of hard knock living and home-style storytelling, FST’s rousing new musical revue, Outlaws and Angels, captures an American spirit with themes of freedom, faith, and family. From country’s classics like Hank Williams and “Outlaws” like Willie Nelson, to contemporaries like Miranda Lambert, … Continue reading Melting Pot Music