“Once” Sings a Song of Love and Life

by Jack Getz Once upon a time, there was a low-budget, independent film called Once. The movie explored the love affair of two struggling musicians in Dublin—two, nameless characters known simply as “Guy” and “Girl.” He’s a busker; she’s a Czech immigrant. They meet, fall in love, and make beautiful music together. Literally and figuratively. The 2011 Broadway adaptation of this modest 2007 film was … Continue reading “Once” Sings a Song of Love and Life

Behind the Music and Story of Once

Behind the Music: While the names Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglova may not strike a chord with the American music buff, the former songwriting duo hit the big time with their heartwarming and heartbreaking melodies in Once. The music for the movie and musical has won Oscars and Tonys, respectively, an especially impressive accomplishment for two songwriters with humble beginnings. After dropping out of school … Continue reading Behind the Music and Story of Once

On the Streets of Dublin

Dublin, Ireland’s capital and largest city, is a global haven for historic and contemporary culture and commerce. The city’s name originates from the early Irish word “Dubhlind,” meaning “black pool,” a reference to the tidal pools behind Dublin Castle. Despite becoming an official city in 988 AD, Vikings, Romans, and Greeks have called Dublin home as well as other settlements dating back all the way … Continue reading On the Streets of Dublin