But I Swear They Were There!

By Madison McAllister In August of 1969, half a million people gathered in Bethel, New York for a music festival that would go down in history – Woodstock. On a 600-acre dairy farm, legendary artists flocked to make an appearance…but not these legendary artists: BOB DYLAN – Why did Bob Dylan turn down performing at one of the most iconic music festivals in history? One popular … Continue reading But I Swear They Were There!

Stop – What’s That Sound?

By Alex Drinnen and Becca Jennings It was the sweet harmonies of boy bands with matching suits, matching haircuts, and animal-inspired names. It was Joplin’s vocals, which sounded like someone flooring the accelerator and never looking back. It was Hendrix’s hypnotizing no-one’s-ever-made-a-sound-come-out-of-a-guitar-like-that-before solos. It was the kind of sound that could have only been born from one of America’s most turbulent, electrifying, and revolutionary decades. … Continue reading Stop – What’s That Sound?