Dining on Wall Street

Back in the day, restaurants in areas such as the Financial District of New York had a bit of a different experience from the average eatery. Higher scale restaurants usually had a smaller crowd around lunch, and a large rush for dinner. However, in areas where the buildings were mostly offices, some chefs would have to reprogram their training. Fortunately for these restaurants, this is … Continue reading Dining on Wall Street

The Ultimate Pressure Cooker

Chefs are not unlike artists — especially when it comes to the pressure to be the best. The United States is all about the climb to achieve the “American Dream.” But what if once you get to the top, you can’t handle the heat? Some leave the kitchen, some lean on friends or family, and some turn to addiction. Chef Adam Jones, a fictional character … Continue reading The Ultimate Pressure Cooker

Kitchen Hierarchy

You’re unlikely to come across a lot of French job titles during your quest for employment. Unless you’re a chef – cue the French Brigade system (or Brigade de cuisine). All modern professional kitchens run according to a strict hierarchy, with the French Brigade system in order to ensure the whole operation runs as smooth as possible. The structure varies slightly depending on the size … Continue reading Kitchen Hierarchy

It’s Thyme for Stage III

by Jordan Orlando Most people love going out to eat, especially somewhere nice — dimmed lighting, sparkling white plates, mouth-watering food, and servers dressed in formal attire. What people don’t think about, is what goes on behind the scenes. In the kitchen, where knives are just about the only things that sparkle, exists a whole different world. It’s a place where anything can be said … Continue reading It’s Thyme for Stage III