How well do you know Sarasota’s Contemporary Theatre?

With 47-years of history, FST’s five-theatre campus is chock-full of stories, little-known-facts, and hidden gems from the past. Whether you’ve been subscribing season after season for years, or are newer to FST’s community, we invite you to test your knowledge of Sarasota’s Contemporary Theatre! Keep reading for some fun facts that even our biggest fans may be surprised to learn… A PIECE OF HISTORY Did … Continue reading How well do you know Sarasota’s Contemporary Theatre?

Mexican Americans and Indigenous Americans

By Mary Donofrio | Despite the societal misconception of Mexican-Americans not quite belonging in the United States, the heritage of people of Mexican descent in the country goes as far back as the 1500s, sparked by the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in Native America. From the colonization of indigenous peoples such as the Aztecs and the Pueblo nations of the American Southwest, this cultural mixing … Continue reading Mexican Americans and Indigenous Americans

Getting it Right: Military Theatre

By Robin Mackey | The majority of military plays that have been written and produced post-Operation Iraqi Freedom are plays that reflect the consequence of America’s negligence towards veterans. Many challenges plague our veterans – including reintegrating into society, navigating mental health and moral injury. While utilizing art as a vehicle to raise awareness and educate communities may be done with the best of intentions, … Continue reading Getting it Right: Military Theatre

American Dreams…Stories of Immigration

Our Forum Partners METV have entered a new documentary into the 2017 Sarasota Film Festival about the history of immigration in the United States: ————————————————————————– Manatee Educational Television (METV) and BTN Films are proud to announce that their new documentary, American Dreams…Stories of Immigration, has been selected as an Official Entry of the 2017 Sarasota Film Festival. American Dreams will premier as part of the Sarasota Film … Continue reading American Dreams…Stories of Immigration

Rev. Virginia Herring’s Call for Freedom

With our Dialogues on Diversity series, we have had the opportunity to partner with amazing organizations and community leaders to help us continue the conversation. Along with our forums blog, Rev. Dr. Tom Pfaff and the Sarasota Ministerial Association are providing us with insightful and inspiring sermons throughout our Dialogues on Diversity series. This week’s sermon is from Rev. Virginia Herring, discussing the contribution of two slaves that … Continue reading Rev. Virginia Herring’s Call for Freedom

Three Little Pigs Controversy – Sarasota 1959

An interesting look at a similar…This article was written in the Sarasota Journal in July 1, 1959. The article reads: RACINE, Wis (AP) A Florida segregation leader and a publisher of children’s books disagreed sharply today over the social signifigance of a modern version of “The Three Little Pigs.” The Whitman Publishing Co., of Racine, contends its version of the old folk tale in “Whitman … Continue reading Three Little Pigs Controversy – Sarasota 1959

The Most Horrendous Law in U.S. History published this article on 12/28/2015.  It relates directly to the story of Butler and is an interesting read. “The Congress of the United States — the very Congress created by the wonderful and epoch-making Constitution of the United States — is nevertheless capable of creating truly horrendous laws. The most oppressive law in United States history was arguably the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, crafted … Continue reading The Most Horrendous Law in U.S. History

Sarasota School Desegregation

By: Sarah Kroth | School desegregation in Sarasota County was a long and arduous process fraught with court battles, inaction, and boycotts. It started with the passage of Brown vs. Board in 1954, and took nearly two decades and several legal cases before Sarasota County could begin to claim to be an integrated school system. After the Supreme Court handed down the decision, which mandated … Continue reading Sarasota School Desegregation

Beach Integration

By: Sarah Kroth | One of the most popular tourist attractions in Sarasota had once been a spot of contention for Sarasota civil rights activists. In October 1955 the local NAACP chapter, headed by its President Neil Humphrey, organized visits to Lido Beach in protest of the City Commission’s refusal to either open a beach for solely African American use, or integrate the Whites Only … Continue reading Beach Integration

Women’s Rights Timeline

By: Sarah Kroth | 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, the “Declaration of Sentiments” is written 1890 NAWSA is formed 1916 Margret Sanger opens first birth control clinic in New York 1919 Federal woman suffrage amendment is passed, giving the women the right to vote 1960 FDA approves birth control 1963 Betty Friedan publishesThe Feminine Mystique 1963 The “Equal Pay Act” is passed 1964 Civil Rights Act … Continue reading Women’s Rights Timeline