The Most Unusual Relationship

by Lydia Baxter Have you ever met someone who utterly and completely changed your life? This is just what Georgie Burns, a verbose American woman, discovers when she meets Alex Priest, an aloof Irishman, in a London train station. Within moments of their meeting, driven by impulse and desire, she plants a kiss on Alex’s neck. Now, to most of us, this level of intimacy … Continue reading The Most Unusual Relationship

Jolly Old London

by Lydia Baxter In 2016, 8.78 million people lived in London. 8.6 million of them used public transport on a regular basis. More than 14 million tourists visited the city. With so many people running around, what are the chances that two disparate individuals would meet at a train station and initiate a relationship that would shape their lives indefinitely? Like the characters in Heisenberg, … Continue reading Jolly Old London

More Uncertainty Principle References

In Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, the principle is used as a way to examine how truth and memory function and explores their connection. In 2012, Former President Obama was asked why he is hesitant about asking his aides for guidance. He responded, “It’s the Heisenberg principle,” he said. “Me asking the question changes the answer.” In this case, former President Obama equated Heisenberg’s principle with the … Continue reading More Uncertainty Principle References

What is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?

by Lydia Baxter and Becca Jennings Some people see the word “Heisenberg” and immediately think of Walter White’s pseudonym on AMC’s critically-acclaimed drama Breaking Bad. Both the famed television character, played by Bryan Cranston and FST’s second Mainstage production get their names from German theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg, whose famous principle is one of the most misinterpreted scientific concepts to date. But what does it … Continue reading What is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?

Certain Uncertainty

by Lydia Baxter and Becca Jennings Most human beings don’t like ambiguity or not knowing what the future holds. We are drawn to a sense of comfort and security that comes with what’s familiar. But playwright Simon Stephens believes there is emotionally-charged hope and excitement to be found in life’s inevitable uncertainty. For Stephens, chance experiences and encounters encapsulate what it means to be alive. … Continue reading Certain Uncertainty