Full of Wisdom

In Handle With Care, Edna brings her granddaughter, Ayelet, on a trip to the United States with her. Ayelet is heartbroken over the end of a relationship and Edna is eager to shake Ayelet out of her depressive stupor. Marina Re plays Edna in Handle With Care, a character who, according to The Observer, “Sweetly evokes the never-say-die vivacity of a young woman’s soul in an … Continue reading Full of Wisdom

The Goofball

In FST’s production of Handle With Care, Terrence – a well-meaning, but somewhat unskilled delivery man – calls his childhood best friend, Josh, to get him out of a pinch (again). It turns out that Terrence has lost a crucial package belonging to Ayelet, an Israeli woman with limited knowledge of English. Terrence works to track the package down, while Josh figures out how to communicate with … Continue reading The Goofball

Finding Meaning in Chaos

In FST’s production of Handle With Care, Terrence – a well-meaning, but somewhat unskilled delivery man – calls his childhood best friend, Josh, when he finds himself in trouble (again). When Josh comes to Terrence’s rescue, he meets Ayelet, an Israeli woman with limited knowledge of English. She is screaming at Terrence because he lost her very important package. Josh must figure out how to … Continue reading Finding Meaning in Chaos

Life Comes Full Circle

FST’s second Mainstage production of the season, Handle With Care, opens on an Israeli woman, Ayelet, yelling in Hebrew at a good-hearted – but inept – American delivery man named Terrence. It turns out that Terrence has lost a very important package belonging to Ayelet. She is LIVID. Anat Cogan plays Ayelet, a young woman who struggles to communicate with the people around her, in Handle … Continue reading Life Comes Full Circle

Missing Mail

by Madison McAllister In Handle With Care, a very important package goes missing. We’ve all had packages or letters get lost in the mail. Here are a few especially strange lost mail stories: THE WORLD WAR II LOVE LETTER – A British serviceman, Charles Fleming, sent a letter to his ‘dearest’ in 1945. His letter and photographs he included arrived in Lakenheath, England at the … Continue reading Missing Mail

The Love Story Behind The Love Story

By Madison McAllister In today’s digital age, is there a point to writing love letters, when you can give your sweetheart a phone call or send an email, text, or tweet? Playwright Jason Odell Williams would argue that there is. And to prove it, he didn’t just write a letter to his wife. He wrote her an entire play. Handle With Care, a fictional romantic … Continue reading The Love Story Behind The Love Story

Destiny Delivers

By Madison McAllister and Becca Jennings It’s Christmas Eve and Terrence, a dim-witted DHX delivery driver, has made the ultimate shipping mistake. He has lost a package. A very important, time sensitive package. The owner of this missing package is Ayelet, an understandably very upset Israeli woman who speaks (and screams) only Hebrew. Trying his best to save the day, Terrence calls upon the only … Continue reading Destiny Delivers

Love in Translation

By Madison McAllister How many languages does love speak? Just in time for the holidays, FST’s Mainstage Series brings you Handle With Care. Called “The perfect non-Christmas ‘Christmas’ show,” by The Los Angeles Daily News, this New York Times Critics’ Pick tells the story of love lost and love found under the strangest of circumstances on Christmas Eve. The romantic comedy follows Ayelet, a young … Continue reading Love in Translation