The Resilience of the People’s Music

Pickup trucks. Dirt roads. Cowboy hats. …Electric guitar solos? Since its inception, the definition of what constitutes “country music” has been ever-evolving. In its early days, country was called “hillbilly music,” created by European immigrants who settled in the foothills of Appalachia with their folksy ballads and fiddles in tow. In the ‘30s and ‘40s, the heart of country was cowboy songs and bluegrass. Then, … Continue reading The Resilience of the People’s Music

Melting Pot Music…Electrified

When most people think “Country Music,” geographically, they often think about the Southern or Midwestern United States. But country is true “melting pot music,” with roots from literally all around the world. The fiddle, from Europe. The banjo, from Africa. The mandolin, from Italy. And with each addition, the genre evolved, splitting off like tree branches, and giving birth to more and more nuanced subgenres … Continue reading Melting Pot Music…Electrified