The Long-Distance Comedy Kitchen

Which comes first, the script or the show? That depends. Live theater typically starts on the page before it hits the stage. Sketch comedy is a different animal – the script often comes last. In this summer of social distancing, the conventional approach of sketch comedians bouncing ideas off each other in a writers room is clearly not an option. So Florida Studio Theatre’s comedy … Continue reading The Long-Distance Comedy Kitchen

Inside the Playwrights Project – Thomas Gibbons

The Way We Live Now Whose story is it anyway? Playwright Thomas Gibbons considers the implications of that question in the past, present, and future tense. His previous work include two plays that Florida Studio Theatre produced in the mid-2000s: Permanent Collection (2007) and Bee-luther-hatchee (2004). Gibbons’ more recent plays investigate issues of identity and authenticity in present day and near-future societies. The uneasy present interrupted … Continue reading Inside the Playwrights Project – Thomas Gibbons

Inside the Playwrights Project – Kenneth Jones

The Worlds That Jones Made Playwright Kenneth Jones is many things — a playwright, lyricist, and librettist, to name a few. An overnight sensation he’s not. Before writing his own plays, he spent 15 years as a theater critic. Then Jones took a leap of faith — and changed his job description to playwright. His early work made a splash. But Alabama Story was his first … Continue reading Inside the Playwrights Project – Kenneth Jones

Dream a Little Dream of Carole

By Meg Gilbert Called a “21st-century Barbra Streisand” by the New York Times, Carole J. Bufford and her vivacious vocals are back and better than ever this summer with Come Together: When the 60s Met the 70s. Covering music from Nancy Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, and Jeannie C. Riley, and featuring hits like “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” Come Together … Continue reading Dream a Little Dream of Carole

What a Wonderful World

By Becca Jennings and Jenna Tonsor Florida Studio Theatre invites you to take a ride, a twist, or even a mashed potato down memory lane with its newest Cabaret, The Wonder Years: The Music of the Baby Boomers. Experience 20 years of music that shaped a generation, and, in many ways, shaped the world. “There were so many significant moments in music and history that … Continue reading What a Wonderful World