Meet the Scientists

Until any theory is scientifically proven, there will be both skeptics and believers. It takes a lot of research, resources, and technology to take an out-of-this-world idea from science fiction to science fact. While there is some evidence supporting the multiverse or “parallel universe” theory, the subject continues to spark heated debate. Here are some of the brilliant minds on both sides of the argument: … Continue reading Meet the Scientists

A New Kind of Star-Crossed Love

by Becca Jennings and Mary Donifrio At some point in each of our lives, we’ve all wondered, ‘What if?’ ‘What if I had pursued another career?’ ‘What if I’d never met so-and-so?’ ‘What if I had never moved out of my home town?’ ‘What if I hadn’t lost that bet?’ ‘What if I could have told that person that I was sorry?’ What if…all of … Continue reading A New Kind of Star-Crossed Love