Who Inspired Carole King?

Countless singer/songwriters owe their fame to the iconic Carole King. Artists like Pat Benatar, Joni Mitchell, Joan Jett, and Cyndi Lauper cite Carole King as their inspiration. But who did Carole look up to? In an interview with The Grammy’s, King says Rock & Roll, and the women who began in the movement, kept her dream of being a songwriter alive. “The coming of Rock … Continue reading Who Inspired Carole King?

The Biographies of Carole King

Grace of My Heart A 1996 film very loosely based on King’s life. Written and directed by Allison Anders, the film stars an aspiring singer sacrificing her own singing career to write hit songs that launch the careers of other singers. Mirroring King’s life, the film follows her from her first break, through the pain of rejection from the recording industry and a bad marriage, … Continue reading The Biographies of Carole King

A Little Ditty About Carole King

Carole King, born Carole Klein, February 1942, is the daughter of a firefighter and school teacher. With perfect pitch, Klein began playing the piano at age four. While attending James Madison High School, she, along with other female students, formed a musical group called the Co-Sines. In her freshman year, Klein played piano in the annual Madison Sing as classes competed in elaborate musical productions. … Continue reading A Little Ditty About Carole King

Carole’s Kings: A Tribute to a Musical Legend

by Alexander Hehr The Monkees have done it. The Drifters did it a couple of times. Even The Animals and Herman’s Hermits couldn’t resist. When it comes to performing songs written by Carole King, the guys just can’t get enough, delivering the heartfelt lyrics and powerfully moving melodies penned by the famous songwriter at the beginning of her career. Almost 60 years and a lifetime … Continue reading Carole’s Kings: A Tribute to a Musical Legend