A Cabaret Season of Change, Contrast, and Charisma

By: Michael Nichols FST’s Summer Cabaret Series brings existing Cabaret shows from across the country to the Gulf Coast, created by some of the top Cabaret performers from major cities like New York City and Chicago. Since 2014, FST’s Summer Cabaret Series has showcased an exciting variety of musical styles and talent for Sarasota audiences – from the development of jazz in the 1920s to … Continue reading A Cabaret Season of Change, Contrast, and Charisma

The Lone Wolf

Joe Casey is not a “chick with a pick” himself, but he performs with four rockin’ women nine times a week in FST’s Goldstein Cabaret. We sat down with him to chat about the development process of Guitar Girls, why he loves Johnny Cash, and his favorite Sarasota haunts. Guitar Girls runs in FST’s Goldstein Cabaret now through April 7. For tickets and more information, click … Continue reading The Lone Wolf

Complimentary Contrasts: Summer Sidekick Sensations

by Lydia Baxter Sometimes two seemingly different and uncomplimentary ideas can actually work in synchronicity. Florida Studio Theatre’s 2018 Summer Cabaret Season is filled with fresh and exciting new takes on much-loved classics: men perform an iconic female singer-songwriter’s music, Broadway hits get a twist of jazz and swing, and Gilbert & Sullivan is brought into the 21st century. Carole’s Kings, the first in FST’s … Continue reading Complimentary Contrasts: Summer Sidekick Sensations

Two Premiere Revues Rock the Cabaret

Elvis’ hip swing, Chuck Berry’s duck walk, and Chubby Checker’s twist. These are just a few of the memorable moments of rock that have moved us. These memories, and many more like them, defined a generation and redefined pop culture. After Elvis’ appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, the world was truly “All Shook Up.” And it would never be the same again. What does … Continue reading Two Premiere Revues Rock the Cabaret

Revolutionary Sounds

by Becca Jennings FST has kicked off its 23rd Winter Cabaret Season with two hit shows highlighting big artists who had an even bigger impact. Bobby Darin was known for exciting his audiences with larger-than-life performances as he bounded flawlessly through musical genres and styles much like a chameleon on stage. Mike Backes and Dan Faber play two die-hard Darin fans in our Cabaret opener, … Continue reading Revolutionary Sounds