Buddy Holly Lives

By Jack Getz Buddy Holly played from his heart. And FST’s Winter Mainstage opener, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, goes straight to the heart of who he was. Playwright Alan Janes’ Buddy is a different animal. The mind behind this musical doesn’t love Holly’s music because it’s old. Janes loves it because it’s good. After seeing FST’s take on Alan Janes’ musical, we believe you’ll … Continue reading Buddy Holly Lives

The Genesis of Rock & Roll

Before The Beatles or The Stones ever played a note, popular music was forever changed by the bespectacled kid from Lubbock, Texas: Buddy Holly. Now, FST is thrilled to kick off our Winter Mainstage Series with the story of his rise from a small town Country music performer to Rock & Roll stardom. Featuring over a dozen of Buddy’s hits, including “That Will Be the … Continue reading The Genesis of Rock & Roll