Blue Suede Shoes

by Nicole Clayton In the 1950s, a new form of music exploded onto the scene, exciting a growing teenage audience while simultaneously shocking their parents and scandalizing the communities. Teenagers fell in love with this new sound, listening to it on transistor radios and buying it in record stores. Parents called it noise. Preacher’s called it “the devil’s music.” A New York Disc Jockey named … Continue reading Blue Suede Shoes

Keep It Rockin’

by Alexander Hehr Rockin’ into FST’s second cabaret of the season, Blue Suede Shoes celebrates the height of the rock & roll era with songs from the early roots all the way to Elvis Presley. Classic hits like “Rock Around the Clock, “Johnny B. Goode,” and “Mustang Sally,” fill the Goldstein Cabaret stage as the audience is transported back to the time of teen idols … Continue reading Keep It Rockin’