Raising the Bar

by Benedict Burgess Christopher Demos-Brown is no ordinary playwright. Sure, he’s a co-founder and literary manager of a successful Miami theatre company, and author of various award-winning plays, including the Broadway hit American Son. But what really sets him apart are not his theatrical accolades, but his law career. After spending two years as a Los Angeles actor, Demos-Brown transitioned into law, enrolling at Tufts … Continue reading Raising the Bar

The Heart in the Headlines

by Benedict Burgess Recently divorced mother Kendra Ellis-Connor is counting minutes all alone in a police station waiting room. She is clearly nervous – unable to sit still for long. She paces back and forth, leaving multiple panicked voicemails on her son’s cellphone. He is missing. She has gone to the police for answers. But there are none. At least, none…yet. Before long, more souls … Continue reading The Heart in the Headlines

Our American Son

By Lydia Baxter It’s every parent’s nightmare—your child is missing and you have no idea what happened. You’ve tried calling them, but they’re not picking up. You’ve checked in with their friends, but they have no idea where they are. Your heart is pumping. Your mind is racing. All you can imagine is the worst. This is exactly where we find psychology professor Kendra Ellis-Connor … Continue reading Our American Son