Full of Wisdom

In Handle With Care, Edna brings her granddaughter, Ayelet, on a trip to the United States with her. Ayelet is heartbroken over the end of a relationship and Edna is eager to shake Ayelet out of her depressive stupor. Marina Re plays Edna in Handle With Care, a character who, according to The Observer, “Sweetly evokes the never-say-die vivacity of a young woman’s soul in an … Continue reading Full of Wisdom

In the Middle of a Nightmare

American Son is a gripping new drama that centers on Kendra Ellis-Connor, a distressed mother whose teenage son, Jamal, hasn’t come home. As she stays in the waiting room of a Miami-Dade police station, she is unable to get any information about her son from the rookie, Officer Paul Larkin. When her estranged husband, Scott Connor, arrives, things spiral out of control. Almeria Campbell plays Kendra, a … Continue reading In the Middle of a Nightmare

Man of the Law

FST’s third Mainstage of the season, American Son, centers on Kendra Ellis-Connor, a distraught mother whose son, Jamal, is missing. Kendra doesn’t have any luck getting any information about Jamal from Officer Paul Larkin, a rookie who seems to be straight out of the academy. Daniel Petzold plays Larkin, a dedicated police officer who lacks both life and on-the-job experience. We sat down with Petzold to discuss … Continue reading Man of the Law

An Outlaw and a Gentleman

In Outlaws and Angels, J Vance serenades audiences with his charming renditions of “Hey Good Lookin’” and “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.” But did you know that J got his start at FST as an Acting Apprentice, where he starred in Robin Hood and Deck the Halls: ‘Tis the Season? We sat down with J to talk about his artistic inspirations, his family’s “green thumb,” and … Continue reading An Outlaw and a Gentleman

The Proud Father

FST’s third Mainstage production of the season, American Son, opens on Kendra Ellis-Connor, a distraught mother whose teenage son hasn’t come home, in the waiting room of a Miami-Dade police station. Kendra hasn’t had any luck getting information about her son’s whereabouts from the rookie, Officer Paul Larkin, who is working the early morning shift at the station. When her estranged husband, Scott Connor, arrives, Officer … Continue reading The Proud Father

The Goofball

In FST’s production of Handle With Care, Terrence – a well-meaning, but somewhat unskilled delivery man – calls his childhood best friend, Josh, to get him out of a pinch (again). It turns out that Terrence has lost a crucial package belonging to Ayelet, an Israeli woman with limited knowledge of English. Terrence works to track the package down, while Josh figures out how to communicate with … Continue reading The Goofball

But I Swear They Were There!

By Madison McAllister In August of 1969, half a million people gathered in Bethel, New York for a music festival that would go down in history – Woodstock. On a 600-acre dairy farm, legendary artists flocked to make an appearance…but not these legendary artists: BOB DYLAN – Why did Bob Dylan turn down performing at one of the most iconic music festivals in history? One popular … Continue reading But I Swear They Were There!

Stop – What’s That Sound?

By Alex Drinnen and Becca Jennings It was the sweet harmonies of boy bands with matching suits, matching haircuts, and animal-inspired names. It was Joplin’s vocals, which sounded like someone flooring the accelerator and never looking back. It was Hendrix’s hypnotizing no-one’s-ever-made-a-sound-come-out-of-a-guitar-like-that-before solos. It was the kind of sound that could have only been born from one of America’s most turbulent, electrifying, and revolutionary decades. … Continue reading Stop – What’s That Sound?

Breaking into Improv

FST Improv is now in its 19th year and has more than 20 members! To help you get to know the improvisers better, we’re going to be sitting down with cast members and picking their brains about improv, taking risks, and their lives offstage. Next up on the chopping block is former FST Acting Apprentice Patrick Jackson. FST Improv performs every Saturday and select Fridays in … Continue reading Breaking into Improv