Could Now be the Perfect Time to Reinvigorate Your Creative Side?

Over the past few months, many students have been finding The FST School to be just the right outlet to keep them connecting and creating – and they’ve found the experience to be just as, if not more, valuable than before. “I almost didn’t sign up, as I feared my creativity had been buried under the weight of the present day,” said FST School student … Continue reading Could Now be the Perfect Time to Reinvigorate Your Creative Side?

FST Gives Back to the Community

By Lydia Baxter FST is excited to announce that it is extending its scholarship program, providing full and partial scholarships to front line workers and their families. Now, as local schools reopen, we are adding teachers and their families to the list of those who qualify for these special scholarships. We first announced this initiative in May 2020 as a way to give back to … Continue reading FST Gives Back to the Community

Suffragist Project Centennial Celebration Remarks

Given by Charlayne Hunter-Gault on August 20, 2020 Today, you have heard wonderful, inspiring words as we mark the 100th Anniversary of the Suffragists – women of history who insisted, against all odds, to be recognized in their fullness. So it is that, as I give the benediction on today’s celebration, I am reminded of another woman in my history – my Grandmother. Shall we say a few … Continue reading Suffragist Project Centennial Celebration Remarks

Taking “Yes, And…” to a Whole New Level

By Lydia Baxter No one adapts like an improviser. From being able to turn on a dime in response to an audience suggestion to re-working an entire scene after a teammate throws in an unexpected plot twist, improvisers are the kings and queens of thinking on their feet.  So, it is no surprise that when a worldwide pandemic makes performing for live audiences impossible, improvisers … Continue reading Taking “Yes, And…” to a Whole New Level

Investing in Theatre’s Future

By Lydia Baxter At one point in time, no audience had ever seen A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A Streetcar Named Desire wasn’t always a household name. A Raisin in the Sun was once just an idea in Lorraine Hansberry’s head. As FST’s Producing Artistic Director Richard Hopkins likes to say, “Without new plays, we wouldn’t have old plays.” At Florida Studio Theatre, a group of … Continue reading Investing in Theatre’s Future

An Important FST Winter Season Update

Dear Friends and Patrons, I hope that you and yours are staying well. It has been four long months since the Pandemic of 2020 forced us to shutter our theatres. The date was March 15, 2020, when the lights were turned off on all five stages. The good news is that FST is surviving. We’ve been working diligently, making improvements to the theatre for a … Continue reading An Important FST Winter Season Update

The Long-Distance Comedy Kitchen

Which comes first, the script or the show? That depends. Live theater typically starts on the page before it hits the stage. Sketch comedy is a different animal – the script often comes last. In this summer of social distancing, the conventional approach of sketch comedians bouncing ideas off each other in a writers room is clearly not an option. So Florida Studio Theatre’s comedy … Continue reading The Long-Distance Comedy Kitchen

Inside the Playwrights Project – Thomas Gibbons

The Way We Live Now Whose story is it anyway? Playwright Thomas Gibbons considers the implications of that question in the past, present, and future tense. His previous work include two plays that Florida Studio Theatre produced in the mid-2000s: Permanent Collection (2007) and Bee-luther-hatchee (2004). Gibbons’ more recent plays investigate issues of identity and authenticity in present day and near-future societies. The uneasy present interrupted … Continue reading Inside the Playwrights Project – Thomas Gibbons

FST Leading the Way

(Abridged From Dangerous Ladies Shindig – February 24, 2020) When I arrived in 1980, we started with 72 seats and tin cans for lights. We had 103 subscribers and a budget of $140,000. That year, we survived and grew to 450 subscribers. I remind myself: Never forget your roots, Richard. We wanted to make great contemporary theatre that our friends could afford to come and … Continue reading FST Leading the Way