The Magic is Back Again

Grab your magic wands, your imagination, and the edge of your seats, because FST’s Weekend Children’s Theatre Series is back!

“This year, families can expect shows that are enjoyable for both children and adults. Whether it’s getting the audience to help encourage Cinderella to go to the ball or reminding adults of their favorite Aesop’s fable, this year’s lineup is sure to create memorable experiences for the whole family,” shared Caroline Saldivar, FST’s Director of Children’s Theatre.

Kicking off the Children’s Theatre Series is Cinderella by Sarah Durham. In this brand-new take on the classic fairy tale, Ella just wants to go to the ball and have a great time, but her family just wants to keep her down. With a little help from friends (both real and imaginary), fun songs, and you, the audience, Ella seeks out the magical life she has always deserved.

Pictured (left to right): Eddie Weaver, Rachel Biggs, and Adian Chapman in Cinderella. Photo by John Jones.

“The most exciting and fun part of this adaptation is the inclusion of popular music!” said show director Jason Cannon. “It’s amazing how Whitney Houston, ABBA, and Shania Twain make the emotions of the characters pop. These songs make us look at this familiar story in a whole new way.”

Following Cinderella, we have the return of Sarasota’s favorite holiday tradition, Deck The Halls. Santa’s elves have arrived in Sarasota to learn how to celebrate the holidays—Florida style! With all new skits and songs, Deck The Halls is back to kick off a spectacular start to the Sarasota holiday season!

Pictured: Nora Kathryn McAuliffe and Drew Norris in FST’s 2018 production of Deck the Halls. Photo by Matthew Holler.

Next up, we have a whimsical take on one of Aesop’s most famous fables. In Brendan Murray’s Hare and Tortoise, we learn about the love the characters have for each other, and how, if you rush through life, you might miss how beautiful it can be.

“My favorite thing about Hare & Tortoise is how much it exists outside of the race itself. We see these characters for a full year of their life and we get to experience their differences on many levels. There’s a lot that Hare and Tortoise can and do learn from each other,” shared director, BillyD Hart.

Bringing our Children’s Theatre Series to a close is The Grandma That Eats Everything & Other Winning Plays. This collection of award-winning plays by young playwrights carries on FST’s 30+ year tradition of cultivating and celebrating the next generation of playwrights by mounting their very own plays in a professional production.

After such a long time away, we can’t wait to have children—and their families—back in our theatres, bringing the magic back to Sarasota!

FST’s weekend Children’s Theatre Series makes theatre accessible, affordable, and fun for the whole family! This four-show subscription fosters fun family memories and quality time – all for less than the cost of attending a movie. For tickets and more information, click here.