Striking Chords

Michael Maricondi. Photo by Matthew Holler.

For over three hundred years, pianos have been the backbone of popular music. From classical composers to singer-songwriter superstars, musicians have turned to the keys to create some of the most iconic and influential compositions to date. Now, Florida Studio Theatre proudly presents Three Pianos, an all-new musical revue celebrating artists who redefined one of the most timeless instruments.

Producing Artistic Director Richard Hopkins returns to the director’s chair on this new spring concert. “Three Pianos carries on the FST tradition of producing the best lyric poets of our age,” said Hopkins. “I think that in the future, these modern day song writers will be compared to the likes of Shakespeare and Homer. We are delighted to produce this work showcasing some of the brightest talents of the past 100 years.”

From Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder to Carole King and Alicia Keys, the artists highlighted in Three Pianos aren’t just exceptional musicians. They are expert storytellers as well.

“These artists have a way of connecting deeply with what it means to be human,” said the show’s lead developer Rebecca Hopkins. “To be in love. To share a life with others. I heard all of this in a fresh new way during the show’s development process, and gained a heightened sense of how important music is in the telling of our collective story.”

This music feels so personal, in part because of the lyrics and the relatability, but also in large part because of the intimacy of the instrument itself. “Even though it’s one of the largest, the piano is the most versatile instrument out there and possibly the most personal,” said fellow show developer Sarah Durham.

Pianist and Musical Arranger Jim Prosser agrees. “When you write and play from your own instrument—in this case a piano—it makes the expression of your work that much more intimate,” said Prosser. “It makes people really listen.”

Featuring hits like “Crocodile Rock,” “Beautiful,” and “Just the Way You Are,” Three Pianos welcomes audiences back to the theatre with songs that are as fun and uplifting as they are relatable. And while audiences are excited to return to the theatre, so too are three popular FST artists.

Nygel D. Robinson. Photo by Matthew Holler.

Nygel D. Robinson is excited to be back at FST following his appearances in the hit Cabarets That’s Amoré! (2020) and Blue Suede Shoes (2018). Audiences may also remember Michael Maricondi who returns following his Summer Cabaret appearance in Who Loves You: Musical Tribute to Frankie Valli & Beyond (2019). And Madalyn McHugh returns from her FST debut last season in Outlaws and Angels (2020).

“As a female artist today, I am incredibly inspired by trailblazing pianists like Nina Simone and Carole King,” said McHugh. “They teach me that a woman with an instrument is unstoppable, and that if you have a dream, you must pursue it. If you have something to say, you must say it.”

And, as all of our artists celebrated in Three Pianos know, sometimes the best way to say it is to sing it.

Due to popular demand, Three Pianos has been extended and will play in FST’s Gompertz Theatre from March 31 – May 23, 2021. For tickets or more information, click here.