Could Now be the Perfect Time to Reinvigorate Your Creative Side?

Over the past few months, many students have been finding The FST School to be just the right outlet to keep them connecting and creating – and they’ve found the experience to be just as, if not more, valuable than before.

“I almost didn’t sign up, as I feared my creativity had been buried under the weight of the present day,” said FST School student Kate H. “But I’m glad I did. I spent this morning writing, instead of being glued to the news cycle.”

Fellow student Joanie A. agrees, “Attending a class with like-minded students reinvigorated me. I plan on enrolling for the foreseeable future.”

For others, online classes have been a way to connect with the theatre they love from across the country – and even around the world. “As a New Yorker, I never thought this would be possible,” said Mikki, a student of FST’s popular Behind the Scenes class. “How wrong I was!”

Students discuss a play in Readers Circle. Photo by Sarah Haley.

Since launching virtual class offerings in May, The FST School has welcomed students from as far as Mexico, California, and Connecticut.

With an all-new session of classes starting the week of September 28, we invite you to give yourself the gift of a weekly creative outlet – a place to unwind and recharge. You may just find that a little time for your creative self will help rejuvenate more than just your inner creativity.

Here are a few class highlights that might inspire your inner artist:


Students perform for a live audience at the end of their class in August 2019. Photo by Sarah Haley.

In Improv 101: Introduction to Improvisation – Online, you’ll discover the freedom of spontaneity and hone your presentation skills. Students learn the basic tenets of “Yes, And…” and how to make each other look good. Starting Wednesday, September 30, this weekly class is perfect for beginning improvisers and teaches every student that they have what it takes to improvise both onstage and off.

“It’s been so fun to collaborate with everyone!” said Anne T. “It’s been a success sharing and learning – even online.”

If you’re ready to dip your toe into the Improv world, click here to register for Improv 101.


Get your creative juices flowing with Playwriting 101: The Toolbox – Online, an introductory class for aspiring writers or a brush-up for experienced dramatists. Starting Monday, September 28, students will focus on the fundamental tools necessary to transform sparks of inspiration into fully-realized theatrical stories.

“FST’s playwriting class offers the perfect blend of encouragement and targeted advice that encourages student-centered growth,” said Roxanne B, a playwriting student.

“Even when my class moved to online learning, we missed nothing,” added fellow playwriting student Judy R. “The environment is safe, so we can continue our eagerness, creativity, and support of one another’s learning.”

Want to try your hand at crafting a new play? Click here to take the first step of your creative journey.

Michael Grieve in reading of The Forest by Lia Romeo. Photo by Sarah Haley.


Every actor had to start somewhere: the basics.

Students in Acting 101: Telling the Truth will explore physical and vocal techniques to strengthen their presence onstage. Led by one of FST’s Professional Teaching Artists, students participate in group exercises and in-class prompts, ultimately learning how to create and perform their own theatrical stories. Whether you dream of performing onstage or just want to feel more confident, this fun and active class teaches students how to use their voice, body, and emotions to share dynamic stories. Acting 101 starts Wednesday, September 30.

“I look forward to class each week,” said acting student Angelena C. “It definitely helps break through the isolation, while also stimulating my creativity.”

If you’re a curious theatre-lover who wants to try something new, click here to learn more about FST’s in-person acting class.

The FST School is dedicated to making its students’ experiences safe and enjoyable, limiting in-person class sizes and ensuring social distancing. To see all the steps that the theatre is taking, click here and navigate to the “For Your Safety” tab.