Welcome to the StaceJam

On July 12 and 13, over 20 of the top improv troupes from across the country and as far as Canada and the UK will travel to Sarasota for a whirlwind weekend of laughter. Featured at the Sarasota Improv Festival for the first time, StaceJam is a one-woman musical improv show performed by comedy veteran Stacey Smith, who you’ve also seen perform with ImprovBoston and the all-female improv group STACKED. We sat down with Stacey to find out more about her experiences performing and teaching comedy.

You only have ONE chance to see StaceJam at the 11th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival: SATURDAY, JULY 13 at 5PM.

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Stacey IB Curtain.jpg
Stacey Smith performs with other Mainstage cast members at ImprovBoston.                Photo Courtesy of Stacey Smith.

How long has StaceJam been around?

StaceJam has been around for a little over a year, but I’ve been performing improv around the world for a decade. In the year that StaceJam has been around, the show has been performed in festivals throughout the US and internationally in countries like Bulgaria, Greece, and Italy!

What are the 3 things people should know about StaceJam before coming to see you?

-I am performing a solo musical improv show, which showcases a range of crazy characters and emotions.

-This is my 8th time performing at the Sarasota Improv Festival, but it’s my first year without STACKED, sadly.

-I’ve taught musical improv around the world, including Bulgaria, Germany, Amsterdam, Greece, Belgium, Norway, and Denmark, and created the Chicago Musical Improv Festival.

Stacked 2013.jpg
Jenna Steege, Stacey Smith, Katie Yore, and Erin Goldsmith of STACKED perform at the 5th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival. Photo from FST.

Why should someone come to this year’s Festival?

It showcases the best improv talent from all over the world. The shows are carefully curated, and the groups that are featured each year are full of the nicest, friendliest improvisers.

Can you describe your favorite improv scene that you’ve ever done in 11 words?

There was singing and I drank an audience member’s cheap beer.

Fill in the blank…

The thing you can never forget about improvisers is: They will always accept free drinks.

I love Sarasota audiences even more than I love: Pickles. And dammit, I love pickles!

I have no idea what will happen at the 11th Annual Sarasota Improv Fest, but I do know for sure that: I am going to sweat.

You only have ONE chances to see StaceJam at the 11th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival: SATURDAY, JULY 13 at 5PM.

Buy your Festival Passes and Tickets HERE before they’re gone!