Improv Fest Spotlight: Available Cupholders

At this year’s 11th Annual Sarasota Improv Festivalover 20 of the top improv troupes from across the nation and as far as Canada and the UK will travel to Florida’s Gulf Coast for a whirlwind weekend of laughter.

One of those groups is Available Cupholders of Austin, TX, who – in true improv fashion – say they came up with their odd troupe name by pulling the two words randomly out of a hat. The group has been performing together for 15 years and is known for their unorthodox approaches to improv. In the past, they’ve experimented with time, space, and technology. We sat down with Jeremy Sweetlamb, one of the five shining stars of Available Cupholders to get to know the group better.

You only have TWO chances to see Available Cupholders at the 11th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival: FRIDAY, JULY 12 at 8PM and SATURDAY, JULY 13 at 6PM.

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Available Cupholders_Press pic.jpg
(Pictured left to right): Jeremy Sweetlamb, Ace Manning, Kaci Beeler, Bill Stern, and Michael Joplin. Photo from Available Cupholders.

How long has your group been around?

We started in our current form in 2004, but we’ve been performing and playing together in different iterations since 1997, when we were all in high school…sigh.

What is your troupe best at/known for?

We are known as a tight group who improvises stories quickly, drawing on our personal connections to each other for honest, ensemble work in formats that are always challenging and changing.

This is your group’s ­­­­­11th time at the Sarasota Improv Festival. What have been some favorite memories of past festivals?

During the first festival, we went out to a dive bar to do karaoke and it was a blast! Joplin sang Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again,” and I think somebody danced on the bar. It was pure fun.

We also love that there is always a fantastic and enthusiastic audience for us to indulge in our creation.

Why should someone come to this year’s 11th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival? 

Because 11 is an anniversary that no one pays attention to. It’s time to give some love to the year after the 10th year! Also, you want it to keep happening, right?

Available Cupholders 2015.JPG
Bill Stern and Jeremy Sweetlamb at 7th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival. Photo from FST.

 Fill in the blank…

The thing you can never forget about improvisers is: The good ones are listening to you no matter what.

I love Sarasota audiences even more than I love: Mandeville’s rosemary grilled cheese sandwich.

I have no idea what will happen at the 11th Annual Sarasota Improv Fest, but I do know for sure that: We’ll be night beaching it Friday night like we do every year!

The best way I can describe the Sarasota Improv Festival to someone who has never been is it’s like: Christmas morning for 48 hours – people are just happy and just keep giving you love and things!

You only have TWO chances to see Available Cupholders at the 11th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival: FRIDAY, JULY 12 at 8PM and SATURDAY, JULY 13 at 6PM.

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