Cookie Boudreaux: WRITE A PLAY Partner of the Year

This May, Florida Studio Theatre recognized Mrs. Cookie Boudreaux as the WRITE A PLAY Partner of the Year for her dedicated support of children in Sarasota and Manatee counties. A Sarasota-based business consultant and senior partner with Mark Kamin & Associates, Mrs. Boudreaux has been an Underwriter of FST’s award-winning arts-in-education program, WRITE A PLAY (WAP), for over five years.

Mrs. Boudreaux was honored at this year’s Young Playwrights Festival, an event where over 20 young playwrights were also recognized for their submitted winning plays. The students not only received a certificate of merit for their work, but also had the opportunity to watch their winning plays performed on stage.

“I recall being a child who wondered, yet never dared to express myself,” shared Boudreaux. “I celebrate the work that FST & these teachers are doing with young people to encourage them through self expression — speaking their truths, and finding their voices!”

Since 1991, FST’s WAP Program has strengthened literacy and language skills while instilling an appreciation of the arts in children. Approximately 5,000 students each year submit plays to be read and selected for a full scale production on the FST stage.

Individual contributions from supporters like Boudreaux are essential to WAP’s continued success. These sponsorships have allowed for the program to expand, reaching more students each year.

“The WRITE A PLAY program was founded not to tell children what to write, or to grade the writing as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’” added FST’s Associate Director At-Large, Kate Alexander. “It was founded to inspire them to courageously write the world as they see it.”

This celebration of children’s creativity would not be possible without support from our donors who understand the true value of art, culture, and education in the community.

FST would like to thank Mrs. Boudreaux again for her continued support of the WRITE A PLAY Program and for inspiring so many young minds.