Cellars & Secrets

By Jenna Tonsor

Some people have skeletons in their closets. Others have elephants in their rooms. And a very select few have entire shopping malls in their basements. Buyer & Cellar, a one man show by Jonathan Tolins, deals with the latter.

On April 24, 1942, an American singer, songwriter, actress, and filmmaker was born. With a career spanning over six decades, it’s reasonable to think that such a superstar might have acquired enough memories, fame, and affluence to fill, well, a mini mall. And she did…in her basement. Who is this shop obsessed celebrity, you might ask? Well, you’ll just have to see the show and find out for yourself.

We’re talking: an antique shop meticulously arranged to look as if the items in it just happened there by chance. A doll shop that would put Barbie’s dream house to shame. A clothing boutique filled with gowns that graced movie screens as well as red carpets. And, of course, a frozen yogurt shop that spares no sprinkles.

But what’s the point of having a shopping mall if there’s no one to run it?

That’s where Alex More comes in: our trusted narrator, a sassy starving artist based in LA who finds himself commuting to Malibu each day to work the oddest of odd jobs. But odder than his job of playing a make-believe golden era shop clerk is the quirky relationship he develops with the mistress of the mall.

Buyer & Cellar is without a doubt one of the funniest and unique plays in recent history,” says Remy Germinario, who plays the role of Alex More. “The show explores how with fame and fortune comes the ability to purchase lavish houses, expensive items…and even basement shopping malls! As you get more famous and acquire more possessions, how does the value of these objects change? When you have the means to buy anything you want, what becomes truly important to you?”

This will be Germinario’s third time taking on the role of Alex More in Buyer & Cellar. After three times stepping into the shoes of Alex, what has Germinario taken away from the story?

“I think celebrity obsession can be an escape from the troubles of ‘real’ life,” said Germinario. “We look up to these celebrities for inspiration for fashion, lifestyle, politics and more. They allow us to be ‘aspirational,’ a word used often in Buyer & Cellar.

But beyond the frills of fame, this play reminds us that the famous are also real people who deal with real human problems. “They do have luxury and maybe an easier way of life than most, but they suffer many of the same woes as other people,” said Germinario.

Buyer & Cellar is a roller coaster ride of emotions and scandalous humor. Despite the fast-paced comedy, the play talks about some serious themes too. “It explores human connection, relationships to material items, the loneliness that can come with fame, the struggle of an actor who is down on his luck, and how people can change under the influence of glitz and glamour,” said Germinario.

We look forward to having you join us as one man takes on about eight different characters, has conversations with himself, and makes us guffaw at his hilarious antics, only to be surprised, minutes later, by a tender and relatable moment that really makes you think.

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