Secrets Stored: Unveiling Celebrity at all Costs

By Meg Gilbert and Irene Martinko

While the Guitar Girls are “Workin’ 9-5” in FST’s Goldstein Cabaret, struggling LA actor Alex More is working the oddest of odd jobs in FST’s Bowne Lab Theatre.

“The gates opened, and suddenly I was in another world. Like when Dorothy steps from sepia into technicolor,” muses character Alex More in the opening of Buyer & Cellar by Jonathan Tolins. “The grass was Irish golf course green. The leaves in the trees shimmered in the breeze like sequins on Liza Minnelli…”

Closing out this season’s Stage III series, Buyer & Cellar takes us into the shimmering world of celebrity and fame, giving us a comical glimpse into what might be happening in the basement of one of the quirkiest—and most impressive—mansions in Malibu. Struggling actor Alex More finds himself unemployed…yet again. When an acquaintance passes along a mysterious job offer, Alex just so happens to be perfectly qualified.

Curiosity peaked, Alex makes the 85-minute drive to Malibu, only to discover that his new employment opportunity is far from ordinary.

The job? To work in the basement of a famous megastar. And this is not your average basement. With a fully-fledged mall hidden underneath an impeccably designed mansion, this celebrity takes storage to a whole new level.

Just one actor plays the role of Alex More, along with five more characters, including the celebrity of the house. Played by actor Remy Germinario, Alex More is a brilliant storyteller whose vivid way with words makes it seem like we are in this strange basement right along with him.Remy Germinario Headshot 10.jpg

Germinario, who describes himself as “a bespectacled Gemini who owes most of his personality to Lisa Kudrow” is so perfect for the role of Alex More, that it will be his third time bringing this story to life. With the words in his very bones, Germinario is able to move seamlessly through a multitude of characters—all of whom have very strong personalities…and even stronger opinions.

Buyer & Cellar is, without a doubt, one of the funniest and unique plays in recent history,” said Germinario. “It shocks audiences with brash and scandalous humor and takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride of emotions. But despite the fast-paced comedy, Buyer & Cellar talks about some serious themes too. It explores human connection, relationships to material items, and how people can change under the influence of glitz and glamour.”

Called “Absolutely Delicious” by Variety and “Irresistible” by The New York Times, you can catch Buyer & Cellar beginning March 20, as Alex More unpacks the price of things, the cost of fame, and the oddest of jobs.

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