“Curious” Vocab

By TJ Lewis

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is set in England, and there are a few words and phrases that might sound new to you. Here’s a sampling of some you might hear in the play:

A-levels – A public exam taken in England and Wales by students between the ages of 17
and 18.

Airfix Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 model – A toy plane that’s modeled after a British WWII fighter plane

Battenberg – A light, spongy cake covered in jam and marzipan, and when cut in cross sections, reveals a pronounced two-by-two checkered pattern alternately colored yellow and pink. You might recognize it if you’re a fan of The Great British Bake-Off.

Bentalls – British department store chain

Biscuits – A cookie, or a small flat cake that is normally sweet

Bollocks – Another word for nonsense

Bugger – A silly or annoying person

Double bluff – Clever way to deceive someone by telling them the truth when they think
you’re lying

Further Maths – A-level further mathematics is a separate A-level exam that is normally taken in addition to taking an A-level mathematics course, which is meant to broaden the mathematical skills developed when studying A-level mathematics

Iced lolly – Another word for popsicle

Marzipan – A soft yellow or white food that’s made from almonds, sugar, and eggs. It’s used for decorating cakes and making sweets.

Muppet – Derogatory term used to describe someone, an insult (i.e. stupid)

Orangeade – Another word for orange soda

The Tube – Otherwise known as the London Underground, the rail running beneath the
city of London


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time runs in FST’s Gompertz Theatre through March 29. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.