Guess Who?

by Mary Donofrio

The artists in Unchained Melodies were trailblazers who changed the face of popular music. Can you match these faces to some of their legendary accomplishments?

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  1. This group from New Jersey is one of the best-selling musical acts of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide.
  2. This Motown Records super group scored over 26 Top 40 hits, 7 of them making the top 10.
  3. This quintet won 3 Grammy Awards for their music, and was the first act signed to the Motown label to win a Grammy.
  4. This quartet performed continuously for over four decades—without a lineup change!
  5. Two lineups of this legendary vocal group have been inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, and have collectively had over 20 hit songs.
  6. Longtime collaboraters with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, this act was the first group ever to be inducted in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

A. The Drifters

B. The Miracles

C. The Coasters

D. The Four Seasons

E. The Four Tops

F. The Temptations

Answers: 1. The Four Seasons 2. The Miracles 3. The Temptations 4. The Four Tops 5. The Drifters 6. The Coasters

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