Jynelly Rosario Receives Daniel R. Mandelker and Marlene N. Harris Scholarship Award

Jynelly Rosario with Stage Manager Roy Johns.

Every year, the staff at FST presents one outstanding intern the annual Daniel R. Mandelker and Marlene N. Harris Scholarship Award. This honor is given in recognition of their talent, drive, and achievement. The person is chosen because they embody the core values and mission of FST and acts as a model for others through their natural leadership.

This year, the award was presented to Stage Managing Apprentice, Jynelly Rosario.
Bruce Price, Production Manager, and also her primary supervisor, commented, “Jynelly Rosario is one of the brightest up and coming Stage Managers to participate in our internship program here at FST. Jynelly has one of the highest work ethics I have seen in a person of her age. She possesses strong leadership qualities which is a must for all Stage Managers. Jynelly knows her strengths and uses them to the fullest on a daily basis.

She also is aware of areas in which she is weak and is constantly working to improve in those areas. Jynelly is a self-starter. She actively seeks out learning opportunities and does not wait for these opportunities to be handed to her. I am in full support of Jynelly Rosario receiving the Daniel Mandelker and Marlene Harris Award for 2017-18. She is a very deserving recipient.”

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