The Ultimate Pressure Cooker

Chefs are not unlike artists — especially when it comes to the pressure to be the best. The United States is all about the climb to achieve the “American Dream.” But what if once you get to the top, you can’t handle the heat? Some leave the kitchen, some lean on friends or family, and some turn to addiction.

Chef Adam Jones, a fictional character in the motion picture Burnt, embodies the pressures that all chefs face. Chef Jones steps back into the kitchen after overcoming a drug addiction (much like Chef George in How to Use a Knife). Burnt stars Bradley Cooper, who in preparation, trained in intense kitchens just to capture the role. The movie received rave reviews from chefs as famous as Gordon Ramsay who said, “It really resonated on screen to the pressures involved in cooking at that level.” However, this isn’t the only recent big screen hit which takes place in the heat of the kitchen.

One hot new trend shaking up chefs around the world is the food truck. In the 2014 film Chef, Chef Carl Casper, played by Jon Favreau, has his life turned upside down when he goes from head chef at an upscale California restaurant to running a food truck. The film also touches on a problem many modern chefs face in this new era of social media: one mistake could create a cloud of bad reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google. Bad reviews don’t just come from professional critics anymore, but from the average restaurant-goer. It’s no longer necessary to have a desk at the New York Times: all you need is a Twitter account or a blog site.

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