John Oliver: Incarceration in America 2

Yesterday we shared a video from John Oliver’s show, Last Week Tonight, on the harrowing issues with America’s prison system. Today we’re sharing another video in our installment surrounding Incarceration in America that echoes the themes and questions asked in FST’s production of The Exonerated.

Three years ago today, Clayton Lockett died from a botched execution. Clayton Lockett was killed by a mixture of drugs that had never been tested or used prior for any execution. Due to this careless act, Lockett suffered severely – it took 43 minutes for him to die AFTER being sedated. Whilst supposedly sedated and officially declared unconscious, Lockett convulsed, spoke the words “Oh man… I’m not… Something’s wrong…”, and attempted to rise out of his restraints a mere 14 minutes into his execution. A doctor claimed Lockett hadn’t been given enough of this drug mixture to result in death. Because there were not enough of the drugs left to attempt to continue the execution he eventually suffered a heart attack, and then was pronounced dead.

Although this video is from almost 3 years ago, it is still extremely topical – similar to how The Exonerated was written in 2002 and yet theaters across America are still producing it today. In this video John Oliver dismantles the Death Penalty and asks unsettling questions raised by the then recent botched execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma.

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