Being “Creative Until You Die”

By Jordan Nickels | Older Than Dirt celebrates the ups and downs of aging, showing that you should never be ashamed of your age. Your age is just a number and for some, they never give retirement a second thought!

The Hollywood Reporter recently did interviews with 10 Hollywood legends, all over 90 years old, in a series called Creative Until You Die. This project highlighted the fact that there are many people in the entertainment industry who are not only still working over 90, but are at the top of their game! Actors like Betty White and Cloris Leachman, Comedian Don Rickles , Comic Book Writer Stan Lee, even legendary song and dance man Dick Van Dyke are still appearing in movies, television, and more.

Golden Girl Betty White starred in six seasons of TV Land’s recent comedy Hot in Cleveland, and a campaign on Facebook got her a hosting stint on the May 8th episode of Saturday Night Live in 2010, making her the oldest host in the show’s history. Dick Van Dyke will be featured in the upcoming re-imaging of Disney’s Mary Poppins. Stan Lee has made Marvel into a multi-entertainment corporation and has continued to make cameos in every Marvel superhero movie.

While aging is inevitable, Older Than Dirt shows that you can have fun, or make fun of it, because we aren’t getting any younger. Enjoy your age, because as actress Bette Davis put it, “old age is no place for sissies.”

Watch the interviews for Creative Until You Die by The Hollywood Reporter:

Read more about Betty White’s campaign to host SNL:

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