Outing the Bogeyman – 11 Years Later

By Jordan Nickels |

“He blended into the crowd.”

David Holthouse never fully discussed what happened after the events of Stalking the Bogeyman, until 2015, when he released another article entitled Outing the Bogeyman to the Anchorage Press in Alaska. This article divulges details about his interaction with his rapist when they were adults, including the Bogeyman’s identity. He was motivated to write this article after several people came forward with similar stories of rape-related crimes, the assailant of these crimes linked to David Holthouse’s Bogeyman.

“I no longer expect catharsis or closure. But at the same time I will no longer participate with the man who raped me in a conspiracy of silence.”

Read the article, Outing the Bogeyman, below:


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