The David Holthouse Story

By Jordan Nickels |

In 2004, David Holthouse went public with his story in an article he wrote for the Denver Westword. This was the opening line:

“This time last year I was plotting to kill a man.”

He told the story of “the bogeyman,” the son of his parent’s friends. In 1978, this man raped David in the basement of his house. David Holthouse was only seven years old.

“When I was seven, I no longer believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, but from that night on, I had no such doubts about the Bogeyman.” 

Ira Glass contacted David Holthouse in 2011 for an episode of his NPR radio show This American Life. David’s story was the first in the episode, called When I Grow Up. 

Listen to the full NPR episode below:

In 2014, David Holthouse collaborated with playwright Markus Potter to bring this story to the stage:

“I just happened to be listening to a This American Life podcast and I stopped in my tracks, kind of paralyzed. Immediately, I thought this story needs to be told. It needs to reach a wider audience.” – Markus Potter in an interview with Good Morning America

Now known as Stalking the Bogeyman, David describes this play as  “coming to grips with the killer inside of me.”

Read more about the creation of Stalking the Bogeyman here:–abc-news-health.html

Read the original article from the Denver Westword, by David Holthouse:

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