Thurgood Marshall Personal Timeline

By: Sarah Kroth |

1908- Born July 2nd in Baltimore, MD
1926- Enters Lincoln University
1929- Marries Vivian “Buster” Burrey
1930- Graduates from Lincoln, enters Howard University
1933- Graduates from Howard
1935- Wins Murray v. Pearson, against University of Maryland
1936- Joins NAACP
1938- Becomes NAACP chief legal officer
1940- Wins first Supreme Court Case, Chambers v. Florida
1944- Wins Smith v Allwright; a major win for black voters
1948- Father dies February 25th.
1951- Goes to Korea to investigate Army Segregation
1952- Brown v. Board begins proceedings
1954- Wins Brown v. Board
1955- Buster dies, marries Cecelia “Cissy” Stuyat
1956- Thurgood, Jr. born, ends Montgomery Bus Boycott
1960- Writes Kenyan Constitution
1961- Appointed to the Court of Appeals by JFK, mother dies
1965- Appointed Solicitor General by LBJ
1967- Appointed to the Supreme Court, sworn in August 30th
1970- severe case of pneumonia
1979- Backlash against Marshall is at its height
1980- Regan is elected, a major personal blow to Marshall
1991- Retires from Supreme Court
1992- Receives Liberty Medal
1993- Dies January 24th of the heart failures in Bethesda, MD., Posthumously awarded Presidential Medal Freedom

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